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Hello Everyone,
I just had to say thank you. Last week our lovable 8 year old basset, Maisey Mae, went down in the back with disc inflamation.
My wife and I had never dealt with this problem before. Upon searching the internet I came upon this site. After searching the articles , I found several about this topic and they were enormously helpful! Even though Maisey has a long way to go, this forums existence has helped me and my family seek the best possible treatment for Maisey.

She is starting week 2 of bed rest along with pain meds, muscle relaxers and steroids. We will be taking her to a chiropractic vet this week to seek additional help as the surgery, for us, is not an option.

Right now Maisey is unable to put weight on her left hind but the meds seem to be controlling the pain for her. Needless to say she is unhappy and somewhat groggy most of the time. This forum has helped me, my wife and our veterinarian put together a comprehensive treatment plan. We are hopeful that it works!

Thanks again!!
JBenetin StL, MO
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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