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A tired hound...

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should be a good hound- right? I took Jake to the park this afternoon. Now I have asthma, so I don't take long walks because I get short of breath and I also don't handle heat well. So- I decide to try a new path at this park - they've been adding new paths and I thought it would be fun.... after about 20 mintues I realized there wasn't a path back across the lake for another half mile and we had really gone too far to turn around- so we kept walking. Then the sun came out and I realized I had forgotten to bring us water. Jake was happy at first listening to the ground hogs chatter and watching the geese and a crane of some sort. We finally got to the cross over bridge and sat to rest in the shade for a bit. Jake is drooling but tail still wagging- We start the walk back and he noticeably goes slower and slower, finally wandering off the path to plop down under a shady tree. I gave him a few handfuls of lake water- since dogs play in it all the time I didn't think it oculd be too harmful. The car is in sight now so I coax and he finally agrees to walk again. We finally get into the car- I almost drowned in all the drool being shook around. He's panting, breathing fast so I have a moment of crisis thinking I've killed my dog making him walk a little more than a mile. Now - I am still fine- the slow pace and even the sun didn't get me so I know it wasn't too much but... I wiped him down with wet towels- hand held his water dish and sat and fretted for a half hour till he was napping quite comfortably. The first thing he does after waking up is go after poor Abby... hounding and driving her daft- I was so sure he would sleep good tonight too :lol:
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I'm sure you both will be tired tonight.

I too have asthma and you should see how weighted down I am when I'm out walking with Ruby (haven't been so this summer; too hot). Between my inhaler and water and cell phone and drool rags and hat and sunglasses and treats and poop's enough to make you not want to go.

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