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However, we're worried two dogs is going to be too much to handle
The idea that two are as easy or easier than one is not altogether true. It very much depends on the dogs skill of the owner and the leadership demands of the dogs. That is if you current dog is not running you ragged is general well behavied adding a second is not going to be a problem, If it is the opposite utter caos often insues.

If you are new to multidog household I suggest patricia Mcconnell's

It is a small booklet but has a lot of information pack in it. Much of it is intuitive, for experience and good dog handlers. That is a lot of the suggest they do without out ever really being conscious of it. So it is often these simple techniques the more experienced use all the time but never bother to pass down to newbies that could benefit from them. The body blocking technique is high on that list. There is also a DVD for the more visual learner, having not seen it I can not comment on how well the techniques are demonstrated.

for a fair review of the booklet click [url=]here

To their credit, London & McConnell don't focus on identifying and favoring the most dominant dog, nor on allowing dogs to work out their own conflicts.

Although brief, this is a very readable, very understandable, practical booklet. The owner who follows through on suggestions it contains will undoubtedly have a more serene household. Many owners of multiple dogs stumble on these ideas anyway, but this book would make a nice gift for an owner of multiple dogs who needs a little help managing the chaos.
IMHO it is better to get off on the right foot then have to correct problems later so I would get the booklet before there is a problem and institute the ideas and techniques it contains right from the start
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