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A question about fences.

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My husband was talking last night about putting up a fence for Boomer (he's on a long tie-out right now) so he can have more freedom to run around and play between walks.

We live on a corner lot, and have a large yard, but he doesn't want to fence everything in.

What is the minimum height we would need for a fence, and how much would be enough to fence off for him to run around in? And is chain link fence ok, or does material matter?

We're in the middle of winter right now, so, of course, this isn't something we would do for about another 5 months if we can work it out.
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We have a chain link fenced in backyard right now and it's about four maybe five feet. It's pretty small but we're military so we when move again we're either going to buy a house or rent one with a bigger yard. But they do fine with the small back yard. I think they enjoy being able to look out and see people walking in the neighborhood and whatnot. And we've got friends up here with huge backyards that we take them to as often as possible.
stadard chain link is fine for most dogs. For diggers you may need to attach epoxy coated wire cloth (plastic coated light gauge fencing) that is 3 ft or more tall to the bottom of the chain link on the inside were the dog is. This is to ly flat on the ground and be buried with an 1 or 2 of dirt. The wire will prevent the dog from diging a hole to get out and all dogs that dig to escape do so close to the fence the three foot width should prevent the dog digging under the fencing burried in the ground.

Some other dogs learn to climb chain link but the larger paws and short legs of a basset make this less likely which is still rare than other breeds but not impossible there is no way to know for sure until the dog is contained by such a fence.
Our chain link fence is buried about a foot, foot and a half under the ground. My two dig but they aren't digging to get out. If they were they would have been lost long ago. And my folks have a dog that can climb a chain link fence. We'd either come home from school and she'd be in our neighbor's yard just romping with her dog or people from down the street would bring her home for us. She's now kept on a tie out so she can't get loose anymore.
Thanks for the input; it will help in our decision!
We have a chain link fence that is about 4' high. It does a wonderful job of keeping our herd inside. I don't know how we ever lived without it.
re: fence

Our fence is now rivaling Fort Knox due to our Basset puppy Thelma Lou. She climbs, she systematically tests the fence for weaknesses. I'm thinking we may have to use an invisible fence as a back-up. Right now she is so young she stays near the house, but I know she will start roaming as she gets older.
Well, my hubby got a fence put up today for Boomer! It's not a huge area, but it sure us better than putting him out on a tie out that he can get tangled up in.

Only problem is, we have it at a door that we seldom use, so he isn't used to going out that door. When we asked him if he had to go potty, he heads for the front door. When we try to get him to the side door, he just stands and won't budge, and then will go back to the front door. He then will look at us with his head tilted like, "What is going on?" Poor confused puppy!

I think once he gets used to it, tho, he will really enjoy it. A different view of the neighborhood, plus shade and sunshine.
I had that problem, but put a doggie door in, threw a bone out of it, and that's all it took.
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