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A photo or two.

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Ok......... so this is our "Soon to be" boy side view of his head. He is 1.5.

The full body shot in show stance is his mom.

We are gettin soooo excited.
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He's very pretty Barb. No wonder you can't wait...

Both pictures are wonderful! I would be excited too. :)
Barb: He is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what's his name??????
His name is Danny!! It is funny because that is my husband's name as well. Should be interesting. Should we be considering changing his name? I am sure it will be ok, now when i call a dog will come as well, and visa versa. Hahaha!!! :lol:
That is too funny that he has the same name as your Hubby!! When we got Rusty & Stickers, I was sure I was going to change their names. Especially "Stickers" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I even had names picked out. After having them for a couple days, I realized they knew their names so well and the names suddenly didn't mean much anymore. We feel in love with them as Rusty & Stickers so we decided to keep their names. The breeder was happy because she watches them at her place when we got away. She didn't have to train herself to start calling them different names!

For those of you who don't know the story of Stickers name. Her registered name is "Kaleidoscope's Cactus Flower" , thus the "stickers"!!!! :lol:

I guess after he comes into your home, you'll know if he keeps his name or not!!
He's beautiful and Ruby is in love!!!!

About having your dog and your husband the same name. This occured for one of my friends; they did change the name of the dog. The funny thing is that her husband kept teasing that the good mail was going to the dog and the junk mail and bills were going to him. :p

Too funny. We will see how the name thing goes once we get him. (Seems like it is taking forever). Dan and me agreed that he may just have to take a road trip(9 hours). We were just up that way 3 weeks ago.
As far as the name changing goes, does that require a change on the registrations papers as well? Or not for the call name?
Well it's obvious your husband may need to change his name...
Hahahhahaha!! Good one Jose'.
I'll let him know. LoL!! :lol:
This is him at 8 and 12 weeks. I think i was going to show Patti.
He is a beautiful boy. I know you are very excited to get him.
Great looking basset. Good thing about getting them older from a show breeder is that you know they are already house trained. You only lose sleep the first couple of days while they settle into the new routine.
Thanks guys. I think he's special too. :p
Barbie, I changed both of my last 2 Bassets names after I adopted them at 1 year of age. I call my dogs about 6 different names during the course of the day anyway; it won't matter at all to the dog! And it might be confusing to the dog to have the same name as your husband. I'd change it. And no, you don't have to change the AKC registered name. What breeder is he from? He's beautiful! And Maggie's Mom, Ellen Ferguson is one of my best Basset friends! I now know why I absolutely love your dogs!! Take care all, Belinda.
He is adorable and looks a lot like our Annie!

Anne is a huge family name in our family so of course we had to keep the name going since we have no daughters. I imagine my grandmother rolling in her grave knowing our Basset is named after her!

Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

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