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He has only barked a few times and that's when he has been playing with Max because Max is always barking when he is running and playing. My daughter said he never barks at home, only when he's here playing with Max, other then that he hardly makes a sound, I'm sure that will change.[/b]

We adopted Miss Daisy when she was six years old (about a year ago). For the first 6-8 weeks she didn't make a sound. Then one day the neighbor's cat went by our, did she ever sound off! Even now, very seldom does she bark or bay unless I bay at her first (I'm getting pretty good). Nearly every day, Miss Daisy and I have a "talk". I am glad she doesn't over do it but there is no better sound than a good bay!
Good howling and baying to you all,
Miss Daisy and her driver, Fritz
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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