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Oh, please! My Charlie is brilliant. He rings his bell to go out, and when DH gets out of his recliner to open the door --- Charlie hops in the chair! On my days off, he gets me up promptly at 7:30 because apparently he can tell time. He was shoving the board across the stairs aside so all three dogs could get to the second floor and the cats' food. I now have the board bungied, but I expect he'll figure that out soon.

Yep, bassets may have a sleepy, rather dopey, expression -- but that's how they fool ya![/b]
Moe used to do the same thing as Charlie. The first time it happened, many years ago, we were watching TV, I on the couch and my husband in his lazyboy. Moe scratched the door to go out so I got up and opened the door... but he didn't go out. Then it happened again, and again. <_< He scratched yet again so my husband, more than a little ticked off, got up to open the door, intending to shoo him out. Moe quickly ran to the lazyboy, jumped up on the Lazyboy, and was settled in seconds, while my husband stood with the doorknob of the still open door in hand. :blink: The surprised look on his face was priceless... I laughed my *** off, it was so funny. :lol: My husband closed the door and sat with me on the couch. :)

So Sadeyes2... you've finally realized that YOU'VE been trained by your Basset, as have many of us. B)
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