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A Good Week

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At the Valley Forge show on the 26th, Muttley won the field dog class. Sunday the 28th, Wench won the large pack hare hunt in N. Dartmouth, Ma, with Y. Lee second. Took off for FL on the 29th with 2 bassets and six rabbits. The hunt test was on the 4th. Y. Lee was high scoring basset and high in trial. Then spent an extra day in Fl talking with the state wildlife people and it looks like we can setup some other field events.
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Congratulations! We miss the bunnies! Very sad....Belinda and Molly
Congratulations on such a successful week!

You have to bring your own rabbits to the test?
Nice job Dean and crew!

Alice :D
was wondering how you made out in Mass.i was at Blue Marsh Beagle Club with Travis and Duke the Beagle.Duke did OK and placed again.
They have trouble getting rabbits in FL. The only source is a person supplying them for snake food and those are skinned and frozen. I found several in NJ and took them with me. That is why I went down early, to give the bunnies a chance to explore the area before the dogs ran. The grounds are fenced, but did not have a good supply of rabbits. The 2 couple pack did catch one rabbit, but it survived with no damage. Next time it will head under the brush pile, not try running around the outside. No rabbits were killed or harmed, possibly terrified, but definately exercised.
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