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A four legged vacuum

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The fact that Bernie will pick up anything he sees drives me up the wall but right now It has me stressed & worried.

Last night (Thursday) we think he ate a 200 mg ibuprofen. A couple got knocked off the counter. We rushed to pick them up before Bernie could get to them and thought we got them all but the next thing we know we her him crunching on something. It was chewed up and swallowed before I could get my finger in his mouth to get it out. We called the ER vet and they said that if he did eat one it wasn't anywhere near enough the toxic level it would take to harm him and he should be ok. They said the toxic level is 75 mg/pound and he's almost 40 pounds.
He never acted sick last night or this morning. When we got home this evening he had vomited In his crate. It liiked like ut had just happed. It was just foamy watery stuff, nothing solid but as soon as I opened the door he flew out of if and started grazing on foliage. He acted fine but of course 15 minutes later he vomited all that foliage up. After that he was running around here in his "couped up in the crate too long, you better play with me know" mode. And he ate some food. Took him back out to potty and he went straight for another salad. And yep a few minutes later and I got to see it and his food. :( I can't take him out without him wanting to graze. But he doesn't seem to feel bad. I'm so worried that this is all caused from the ibuprofenand that he could have worse problems. Has anyone here had experience with this?

I'm planning to take him to the vet in the morning so please say a prayer that he will be ok.
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Oh no, Bernie........I hope you are OK. I understand about the "four legged vacuum" issue. Bentley ate a panty liner (whole) one time that ended up being an emergency vet trip, giving hydrogen peroxide and vomiting it back up. After that I watched him like a hawk and was completely OCD about him getting into anything. Mine ate grass when he had an upset tummy I would just try and intervene, keep his nose up and out of the grass (easier said than done!) I'll say a prayer for you and Bernie, he is a beautiful boy :)
Boys, boys, (Bernie and Worm), you are worrying your Mommies sick... please stop with this eating everything in sight and nonstop outdoor salad eating, Worm's stick-eating, dirt-licking, eating-a-green-kleenex yesterday, and if you don't... we will send Mikey T out here to show you! you'd better watch out for his sneaky ways, before you know it, you'll never WANT to touch any of those things anymore, much less eat them...

(no, but seriously, praying for little Bernie and please let us know how it goes at the vets. my last dog would also intentionally eat grass when tummy was upset just to puke on purpose. it seemed like it was nature's "syrup of ipecac" and seemed like it was good he was making himself puke out stuff that didn't agree with him.)
I do hope our Bernie will be ok...just a trainer has me working on Woody with a "leave it" command for. I actually am able to hold a treat out to him and say "leave it" and he will turn his attention away or just nose it and drop it...of course we are just learning this but she said it is helpful with her Bassets when they pick up something they shouldn't to know to drop it....I told her the story of him stealing my w-2 out of my purse and shredding it before I could stop I said, he will go for the cookie (dog treat ones of course) and when given the "leave it" command let it go and sit and wait for his "good boy and or other treat).

Just a thought for help with the mommy worries....

Good luck Bernie ( and Worm) and please keep us posted.

Woody's Mom Kristi
I'm sure Bernie will be ok. I have found my ear plugs in Boomer's poop, so I'm very careful about putting them away and not leaving them on the night stand.
Hopefully, Bernie's mom, they are a "new" set of earplugs...LOL.:D
Awww poor Bernie! And Worm! Feel better boys!

PS...Annie also eats a big backyard salad when her tummy is upset.
FWIW ibuprofin is one of the worst nsaid for causing gastric problem in dogs including gastric ulceration if very could be related to that but keep in mind the gag/vomit threashold in dog is much lower in dogs in human. probably a throwback to beening scavangers a bet of a self defence mechanism so it doe not take much to casue dog to vomit. and they are never none the worse for wear afterwards.

Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Naproxen and Hazards of Other Over the Counter (OTC) Medications

In humans, ibuprofen taken at standard dosages appears to have a wide margin of safety. In a dog, ibuprofen has a very narrow margin of safety. Ibuprofen metabolizes slowly, which increases the risk that toxic levels will be reached.
Ibuprofen Toxicity in Dogs

if the dog has just eaten something that could be toxic but will do no harm if vomitied up. it is pretty easy to induce vomiting in a dog with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide poored down the throat. If nothing happens another tablespoon every 10 minute until the dog starts vomiting. best done outside because it does get very messy. And don't be fooled that once the dog vomit once it is over will wait at least a half hour after the dog is vomit free before letting them back in,

How to Induce Vomiting (Emesis) in Dogs
Three percent hydrogen peroxide is quite effective in making dogs and cats vomit. You must be sure to use three percent peroxide and not hair coloring strength peroxide

Despite the label indicating that hydrogen peroxide is toxic, it is safe to give to dogs for this purpose. It is considered toxic since it induces vomiting and therefore does not stay in the body.

The appropriate dose of hydrogen peroxide is one teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight. If you have an oral syringe, one teaspoon equals 5 cc or 5 ml
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Since last night Bernie has been obsessed with grazing. He won't even use the bathroom until he gets through. Of course then he throws up. It's been a constant cycle since last night. I had hoped this morning he would be better but as soon as I let him out he started munching. I had to pick him up and carry him to get him to stop.

Took him to the vet and he took blood and ran a panel of tests. He said everything (liver, kidneys, etc.) looks fine. His white blood count is up a little but that could be the weeds he was eating. He is keeping him overnight to keep a watch on him just in case. I can pick him up in the morning. I'm trying not to stress but I won't feel better until he's better.

Thanks for all the support!
Glad he is in good hands :) Keep us posted please!
I had one eat a big toad once, and he foamed at the mouth for hours. Why would they eat something that had to taste that horrible? They act like they are afraid they will never get fed again.

Sending good thoughts Bernie's way, praying he'll be okay and be able to return home to you real soon.
Keeping Bernie in our thoughts....hopefully he is all better soon and back home...

Woody and his mom
Anabelle gets into things all the time. So far nothing has been to a toxic level, only just enough to make her sick temporarily. Yesterday she got into a pack of Cold-Eeze.
Hope you are feeling better, Bernie. --Boomer and momma
Woody is just starting to really chew things up and thank God nothing dangerous...he seems to love chargers (phone, laptop, phone) luckily I make sure that we keep them up when charging and have been unplugged when he gets them....
had one eat a big toad once, and he foamed at the mouth for hours.
Not simply a basset trait Had a cat do that which required a trip to E-Vet for subQ fluids because of the amount lost from salivating all over the place to prevent dehydration

charging and have been unplugged when he gets them
again had a kitten bite into an electric cord for a lamp. the kittle was litteral pulled off the cord while convolsing in the end she end up burn off a portion of her toung but survived but forever to be known as "electra"

as much as people complain about puppies kittens have always found way more trouble in our household.
I'm visualizing a basset needing an IV because of drool.
Ha ha...! speaking of which, does drool irritate the skin on their chin? it seems to a bit on my basset. can anything be done about it? he actually doesn't drool that much. it's also the jowls (?) hanging over his lower jaw, maybe irritating the skin...???
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