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"A fine specimin of a basset"

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Ruby was at the vet/groomer today to get her pedicure (nails cut) and while waiting to pay, one of the ladies said she thought Ruby was a "fine specimin of a basset."

Ruby has been full of herself ever since.

:lol: :lol:

BTW, I've been responding to the other posts and only a handful of my messages have appeared. So please don't think that I haven't been writing. Hopefully they'll eventually turn up.

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Ruby certaintly seems like a great representation of the breed, and she is so photogenic! :p
I would agree. Ruby is a wonderful specium.
Funny I saw this thread today. We were at Petsmart with Rosco and Cletus when we started walking up the aisle. We passed a Petsmart employee and she stated " Hey, Bassets that look like Bassets ". Hmm. Maybe they had an imposter come in earlier.
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