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A Few Rough Days

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What was left of Hurricane Ike brought a windstorm to Ohio Sunday afternoon, with winds up to 75 mph. It was something our area has never seen before, and a very weird storm. There was no rain or lightening, only wind and the sun was even shining for part of it. It was a few rough days for Spencer. He didn't seem to mind the howling wind, but I lost many shingles & when they started flying off the roof, the clunking scared him. Then we were without power for 3 days & with his failing eyesight, he struggled getting around the house after dark, even with candles & flashlights (I usually leave nightlights burning for him). Then the roofers came this morning to repair the roof, and all the hammering upset him again. Thankfully, the roof is fixed, the power went back on today and he is now resting comfortably. I'm thankful - all I lost was some shingles & had a mess to clean up in the yard. Many others in the area suffered far worse.

Here's a picture of Spencer on the porch, just after the storm let up.

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Poor Spencer. He's not quite his smiley, happy go lucky self in the photo. I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was for you. We got the same storm, and I got off really lucky as well. There were so many downed trees and power and phone lines, when I tried to drive into town that afternoon I only made it one mile before the road was blocked by a huge tree. But my power was never out, and as far as I can tell I have no damage to the roof. The dogs weathered it without batting an eye. I didn't even realize how bad it had been until I tried to drive to town. I have friends whose power is still out. But what I really can't believe was that we didn't get a drop of rain, which we really needed!
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