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a day at the pool

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bingo just seams to love the water are most bassets this way. she love to go out to our pond and swim around all the time. well at the local pool for the last day they are open they have a dog night so we took bingo

so do your bassets like the water?
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I have always gone to our local "splash" on the last day, but we couldn't go last night...(we are remodeling our kitchen)...ugh

I think Fred would enjoy it, and probably more so if there was another basset to play with, but I have never seen one there...BTW...your baby looks alot like our Fred...very cool!!
Bingo is so cute - I like the way his ears float.

I took Belle and Gunther to a dog beach in Annapolis.

Gunther took one look at the beach and water and wouldn't move off the paved boardwalk.

Belle went onto the beach but run upshore when the waves hit her toes. Although she will walk through water in the forest.

I had a a choc lab and a golden who lived for water. I have to say that I don't miss the mud in my car :)
I've posted photos in the past. BOTH of my kids HATE water! Stickes stays far away from the pool. Rusty on the other hand wants to be near us when we are in the pool but sinks like a bag of rocks!!! We tried several methods of teaching him how to find the steps but nothing :( With a life vest he stays afloat but his fear prevents him from swimming to the steps. So, we live with the child safety fence forever :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
We have taken Annie every year to the dog swim at the Aquaport in our neighborhood and this was the first year she wouldn't get in the water.

She just looked at it and walked away and spent her evening greeting all the people and dogs coming into the pool area. Everyone got the biggest kick out of her standing there watching everyone come in with their dogs...don't know why she wouldn't swim this year...oh well...maybe next year she'll be in the mood again!

Mr. Runcible will go out until he starts to float, then he usually
heads back for shore again. Doesn't matter much anyway as
we don't have many days a year that one can bathe.
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