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A Day at the Dog Park - or - How big does maggie think she is?

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It was the most beautiful day in months here in Ottawa. It was actually above zero and sunny. Maggie and I were up early so we drove to a national park near us and went for a long hike. On the way home we stopped at a dog park that is about 30 minutes from my place. Maggie had so much fun.

She was the smallest dog there, but she was trying to jump on all the other dogs. There was a Saint Bernard, a Bernese Mountain Dog and other dogs of that size - Maggie was running with the best of them. And then she would run up to people and get pets. People were actually commenting on how *well trained* she was because she would mostly come running back to me when I called.

I felt somewhat bad because when we first got there there was a couple with their dogs, one being a young husky. He fixated on Maggie for some reason and kept putting his mouth over her neck and head and pinning her down. NOw, he wasn't hurting her, she wasn't yipping and he/she wasn't doing it hard, but she couldn't play because he/she kept doing it. Eventually the couple felt bad and took their dog home - I didn't want to ruin there time, but it wasn't Maggie's fault. I wasn't making a big deal of it because the dog wasn't hurting maggie, but they felt bad.

Anyway - it was a good fun run and now there is a dog park full of people who want Basset Hounds.

Missjoy and Maggie
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I've always thought that one of the best things in life is to be out running around with your dog on an early spring day! It sounds like you both had a great time!
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