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A curious basset hound owner. You input please.

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As a first time basset hound owner I was wondering if my basset would turn out like this one. Here are two videos 1. 2.

When we bought Charlie, the above video is how I had visioned him to turn out when he got older. Charlie is now 7 mo. old and im still wondering if he will turn out like the one in the video. Any insight on this would be great, as I dont really know what to expect. To me, Charlie does seem small for his age (7 mo. old @ 27 lbs) is this about normal? or is he a runt? :p Here is my dog Charlies photos.

Does Charlie have the "loose skin" of an average basset hound or less? Do bassets get more wrinkles as they get older? Do bassets features develope alot more as they grow?

So many questions I know, but the answers would really be appreciated!!


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Be careful what you wish for--when my Lightning was young, I thought I was going to have to force feed him, he was so skinny. Then the next thing I knew, he was on diet food! Now he's a very carefully maintained 65 pounds. I was just marveling this morning about how massive he turned out to be. I have seen show bassets that are much heavier than him, who weigh in the 85 to 100-lb. range. Bassets, like people, get wrinklier with age, but not to the extent of the dog in the video. Dogs like that are born with tons of loose skin. You don't see a lot of pet bassets like that. (That dog was stunning, but that street noise would drive me insane!) Your puppy is absolutely adorable, and he will be beautiful when he's grown.
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