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A Birthday pic from LuvOurBasset, a new member here

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Presenting Annie, who just had her 6th birthday!
Isn't she a pretty girl!
I'm posting this on behalf of LuvOurBasset.
(My hands are full with my 2 hounds, believe me!)

Please blow that candle out mom, I want my birthday cookie! :p

Welcome to the board, Annie & food slaves! :D
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Awwwww.....looks yummy!
*lol* Look at that tongue! :)

Happy B-Day!
That is a wonderful picture. :D Happy Birthday to a pretty girl.
Aww.. what a pretty girl- I love the name Annie. I bet that cookie didn't last long! :)
Cute, cute, cute! :D
We can't thank Paul enough for posting this picture of Annie!

Thanks for all the kind remarks and birthday wishes!

She loved her birthday cookie and we can't believe just as my husband went to take the picture her tongue came out at the same time. A few friends of ours have told us we should submit it next time there is a photo contest so think we will.

Glad you enjoyed the picture and really learn a lot about Bassets from all of you! A great forum!

Kathy~Steve~Annie, too!
What a beautiful birthday girl!! LOVE the tongue. Too cute!
awwwww I love that picture hehehe

Happy Bday! Hope a cookie was enjoyed by all.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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