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"There is just something about a male basset and his mama..."

That may be so, probably is in most cases, but Dudley is Dad's (my) hound! :p Minnie is Mama's girl too. :)
(Though they both will turn traitor if FOOD is at stake...) :rolleyes:

Danny is a real Beaut, I'm very partial to tricolors!

I also got both of my hounds as adults. Dudley had a TON of issues from an abusive past. He loved us pretty much right away, but resolving his problems took a good while. Some of them will likely never go completely away.

It sounds like Danny is coming along nicely, very good!
Advice from me: Follow Mikey's advice in the other thread, he really knows his stuff! :p

If I missed this sorry for asking again: Have you decided whether or not to change his name? If you are going to change it, what did you decide on?

Best of luck to you!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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