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:lol: :lol:

Biscuit had a Curious George doll and treated it exactly the same way! In fact, one of my favorite memories about Biscuit was how he'd proudly strut out to the car with Curious George stuffed in his mouth. His face would have this very serious look and I swear, he'd walk a little slower so everyone could be sure to get a gander.

He ended up totally destroying George, except for a few little pieces here and there --- I kept the pieces and all I'd have to do to get Biscuit's attention was hold one up and yelp GEORGE!!! and a frenzy of scampering and yipping would break out.

Yogi, meanwhile, only disembowels them immediately and never quite had the same affection for them. But he has his beloved log. :blink: He loves that log - has had it since he was a puppy. :blink:

They love their little friends, don't they? :lol: :lol:
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