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A Basset and his Newfs

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A few more pictures of Floyd and his family.....

Modeling his new winter was -30 degrees here the other morning! Brrrrr. Floyd sure needed this jacket!

One happy Basset Hound running through the field

Floyd watches as Neptune approaches

From a few months ago....Floyd reaching up to give Marin a kiss

Floyd and Zoë racing back to me....Floyd did a great job of keeping pace with Zoë!

Posing with his Newfs....moments away from getting drooled on by Marin. That's Neptune laying on the left, and Zoë laying on the right, Floyd and Marin in the middle.
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It's amazing how they are all sitting there smiling for the camera. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
The one of Floyd and Marin kissing belongs in a magazine or in a commercial. Your pack is adorable!
Oh, I love the picture of the drool. Talk about justice, turn about is fair play or whatever....The droolee instead of the drooler!
Wow, such stunning pictures. They should certianly be in a magazine or something. I love looking at your unique doggie family.

Great looking dogs!
Bassets really think they are "big" dogs, don't they?
Gorgeous pictures! So clear; they're better than those on a calendar!

Bet you have a lot of drool at your house! ;) :lol: :p

Slobber on!!!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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