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This is Chiraz and he is 8+ years old. He was a stray found wandering in a field. Did his owners dump him there?!?

Chiraz was neglected by his former owners and needs medical attention for an ear infection and grooming.

He is a VERY loving boy. He was scared on the drive up to Basset Rescue Network at Daphneyland looking out the window wondering where he was going. He has the sweetest face and just wants to be loved. At every opportunity, he would give me a kiss!

PLEASE, if you can help in any way for Chiraz's medical expenses, food, etc. in any amount! We can't do it without your help!

Help Shiraz

If you prefer, checks or Paypal donations are accepted at BaRNI's site at:basset rescue

Please forward to your friends and family! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thank you Melissa and Shirley for the help in bailing and transporting!

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