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Sadie is 7 months old and learned real quick to go outside, she rarely has accidents when were home but she almost always pees in her kennel when were gone, pooping is not a problem she's never done that in her kennel. I leave at 8:00 for work and my husband comes home at noon for lunch and lets her out and then he is home for good at 2:00 so she isn't left too long. She can be left for a short time while I run to the store and she will pee. We do have a large kennel so I have tried making her kennel smaller by putting a milk crate in there and strapping it down so it wouldn't move. She had just enough room to curl up in the kennel and she still went pee in the kennel so I took the crate out. I felt sorry for her not having enough room to stretch out and if it didn't help the peeing problem I figured I might as well give her the more space. I thought maybe she just did it because she didn’t' like being locked up and left alone. I think she is nervous when in the kennel; I tried to make the kennel a good experience for her and I would always tell her she was a good girl when putting her in so she didn’t think she was being punished and I would give her treat. She would never touch the treat; the treat would still be there when we got home. It was like she was just too nervous to eat it. We are getting the new puppy on Monday, I was hoping with the kennel so big they would get along good enough to be able to kennel them together and if she is reacting to being left alone I thought maybe having another pup to curl up to would help. What do you think?
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