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Well I just got back from Iowa about 2 hours ago. I was gone for 6 days. I had someone stop by and feed Dozer and Digger daily. I even left the A/C on for them in the kitchen.
As far as I can tell, they were pretty well behaved. They ate better than I thought they would, and didn't tear anything up. They did push their way through the fence twice yesterday, but only got loose into the backyard. Although they did get in the garden, they didn't do much damage.

This is how much I was missed:
When I got home, they didn't meet me until I made enough noise for them to leave the cool kitchen. I let them out of their pen, and they jumped up to greet me, then within 3 minutes, it was like I never left. They ran off into the backyard, then ran past me back into the kitchen, to lay down on the cool floor. I haven't seen much of them since.
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