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I take my Basset Hound to the animal hospital around the corner from our house, so it is extremely convenient. She was born in October of 2009, so she just turned 9 months old, and her vet records are already probably 5 pages long! She's had conjunctivitis, she had her stomach pumped because she swallowed SEVENTEEN of my anxiety pills within 60 seconds of us turning our back, she got infections from her spay, and most recently I took her back to the vet because she has a staph infection, possible conjunctivitis again (we're thinking maybe allergies) and the beginning of a yeast infection in her right ear. On Monday or Tuesday of last week we put her on antibiotics, liquid ear cleaner, eye drops and my vet wanted me to give her 50 mg (adult dose) of Benadryl twice a day. She's been a bit more wiped out than usual. I'm so used to her being non stop, but lately she's only active for a little bit and then she's totally pooped. Her eyes are still a bit red (my husband thinks they look fine), and I cut her Benadryl down to 25 mg twice a day because I think what the vet said may be too much for a 40 lb. Basset. She was boarded this past weekend, and the place I take her to has a web cam and the dogs are out playing from 8-12, then down for a nap, then out from 1-7, so they're very active. Usually when I watch her on the web cam she's playing with all the dogs, but this time each time I logged online she was either walking around or sitting/laying down. We picked her up today and she ate and then fell asleep - hasn't moved in the last 6 hours. She's usually tired when she gets home from there anyway, but I'm worried. I know Bassets are usually not the most active breed, and according to my vet they said she is MUCH more active than most, even for her age. Is she just growing into the typical Basset temperament as she gets a bit older, or is this something I should be worrying about? I'm very hypochondriac with myself, so you can only imagine how I am with my dog, especially since she can't tell me what she's feeling!

Thanks, and sorry this is the longest post ever!

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