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24 Basset Hounds kept trapped in terrible conditions!

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WHY are there such cruel people around??? :( These hounds look adorable!!! (Video)

A Franklin County couple is accused of doing the un-thinkable, with nearly two dozen dogs. The basset hounds were found in terrible condition and now they'll have to explain why in court. It is alleged that 24 basset hounds never went outside of the house for years. But according to neighbours there were occasional break-outs.

It is the worst case in the county in years. Conditions of the house were described as horrendous. If you are in a situation you can't handle you should ask for help. The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter and you can help. Some dogs will be available for adoption as early as this weekend.

PS: I hope there are some kind people who can take care of these gorgeous hounds, but surely there are already lots needing homes!
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What the H*ll is wrong with people? And they we're such cute dogs too.
From 6 weeks to 14 years old... Poor doggies; such sweet faces.
There's a special place in hell reserved for people like this.
Those poor sweeties
It's a good thing they're out of that situation. I hope these people aren't allowed to adopt any more dogs... though they probably will.
Such sad story! Hopefully the hounds can all find good homes now.
Poor creatures, how awful! I hope they are rehomed soon to people who will care and love them.
Poor creatures, how awful! I hope they are rehomed soon to people who will care and love them.
That is really sad. Have you ever seen that show Animal Hoarders? I wonder if this is a case of something like that. Some people are really mentally ill and do things like this. They don't understand what they are putting their animals through. On the show, there are people that have animals in the hundreds. A man had over 2,000 pet rats in his home. They had completely taken over, living in the walls and everything. They have to tear down the walls to get rid of them.
I'm glad that those bassets will go to better homes. They are so sweet and forgiving.
I don't think this was a case of animal hoarding unless they were planning to keep all the puppies. Usually hoarders don't breed they collect.This was not all that far away from me about 30 miles.
I've been checking the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter web page to see if any of the hounds will be put up for adoption. So far, they are not listed as available. In a printed article, the news reporter stated that some may be ready for adoption as early as this weekend but when listening to the video news report, the animal rescue agent said she would not confirm that any of the dogs will be adopted out.
When my husband told me about this, I wished we had a bigger house! I would love to have added another basset (or 2) Mass chaos is my middle name yes, but these babies desrve a better life, and thank god someone has taken that step for them!
I actually found this forum after adopting one of these poor bassets. I have started a facebook page in hopes of finding some of the other adoptive parents of these lovely bassets. If you are one or know someone here is the link....Rescued Basset Hounds from CVAS | Facebook
I am happy that these Bassets are now able to have the chance to live a better life. As for the so-called-owners...well they can rot in ..........!
@bubbad according to the shelter it was a hoarding case. My daisy's five puppies were 5 months old and part of the seizure. They definitely couldn't let any of them go. Then they also had another litter of 4 younger puppies in the home.
Bless you Daisy's mom for opening your home and heart.....let's hope everyone of them get the care and love they deserve....Can't understand some people but at least their are good owners out there who will take care of these animals...
Update: The Florys were convicted of animal cruelty this morning. Their sentence was a $1200 fine and they can't own an animal for 6 years. I know a lot of people will be outraged by this but it is how it played out.
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