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will soon be opon us starting friday 9.30.22 with Hunting performance test followed by Field trial Saturday and Sunday, THey have opened the Grounds early to participants to practice today m( Wednesday 9.28.22) here is a bit of Junior's run.

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Mikey, when you have time, could you give me a link to this year's Nationals results - conformation. Thanks.
should be on the BHCA website. they should in a few weeks have a perment hosting site for the live video let you know when I Hear
2022 National Specialty Conformation Events Results only Best of Breed/intersex listed FWIW Select Bitch came out of Field Trial Class.
the others are on the facebook page Log into Facebook
Brood B*tch
1. GCH Tailgate SoLow Sweet Painted Lady, Brian Black/Gail Allen/Linda Cain
2. GCHB Olde Fashion’s New Moon Rising At Heart of Gold, Anne & Jeff Mucci/Jane Baetz
3. Gch Zen’s Ouiser Mae Boudreax, Paul Daniel Pegelow
4. CH Saranade N’ Zen’s This Must Be Magic, Melinda Brown/Devon Merritt/Madeline Wilson/Robin Snell/Peggy O’Brien

Veteran B*tch
1. GCHS DC Rivercity Clandestine Maneuver, Patricia & Gary Palmer
2. CH Olde Fashion I Wanna’ Sex You Up
3. GCHB Sasquatch Sarah Isabella At Bornolea BN, Bonnie Tetlock & Barbara Brandt
4. DC Bluefence Dancing Bear, Jan Allison & Sara Watson

Field Trial Bitch
1. GCHB DC Full Metal VC Sniper Girl, V. Lorriane Martinez & Tim Martinez III
2. GCH DC SoLow’s Beachside Marina, BN, RA, Marianne Lovejoy & Linda Cain
3. CH Soundtrack Black Magic Woman, Miriam Tefts
4. CH Rivercity I’ve Never Been Satisfied, Patricia Palmer/Rudy Smits/Kara Jean Vitaich
note Gene McDonld said it was the Harderest Class he had to Judge

ReserveWinnners' B*tch is Birnam's Pistol Annie of Reign, Paige Smith/Norman and Mary Ann Wiginton, from the Bred By class

Winners' B*tch is Ambrican Merlot, RW & PC Frederiksen and Rachel Frederiksen, from the American Bred class.

Open Females
1. Olde Fashion Jesus Take the Wheel, Jane Baetz & Bethany Berger
2. Tailgate Sunny Days, Tania Schooley, Isabella Schooley, Gail Allen, Brian Black
3. Cloverhill-Topsfield Lebrera Fruit Loops, Judy Tuck/Claudia Orlandi/Guillermo Gonzalez
4. L’Ile de Feu’s White Diamond, Denise Lavoie

American Bred
1. Ambrican Merlot, RW & PC Frederiksen/Rachel Frederiksen
2. L’Ile de Feu’s Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Brian Visokay
3. Rabbit Run Damarna’s New Orleans, Nancy Klenke & Lisa Ritchie

Bred By Exhibitor
1. Birnam’s Pistol Annie of Reign, Paige Smith/Norman & Mary Ann Wiginton
2. Castlehill’s Baby I Was Born This Way, Tami Whitney/Amelia Whitney/Brian Black
3. Ambrican Maraschino, RW & PC Frederiksen/Rachel Frederiksen
4. Heart of Gold’s Olde Fashion Bella Rumorosa, Annette & Jeff Mucci

Amateur Owner Handler
1. L’Ile De Feu’s Merielle, Brian Visokay

15-18 results
1. Saranade N Zen’s The Wolven Storm, Robin Snell
2. Saggy Bottom’s Sassy Lil’ Love Bug of Zen, Samantha Helton
3. Soundtrack Topsfield-Lebrera Talking to the Moon, Dr. Ben Marley/Dr. Samantha Fox/Claudia Orlandi/Guillermo Gonzalez
4. Soundtrack Careless Whisper, Miriam Tefts
* 3 and 4 are sisters out of Harriet (3rd) field trial Class #4 Bunny was terrified of Gene's Oxygen generate and would not stack on ramp but moved ok in the ring.

12-15 mo female results
1. Zen’s Queen Anne Bonny of Bluebloods, Russel/Julie/Savannah Swigart & Robin Snell

9-12 mo female results
1. Castlehill’s Dancin’ On a Pony Keg at Snoline, Ruth Wilcox/Sharon Dok/Tami Whitney
2. Golden Buzzer Jonathan Kim/Rodolfo Farias Ruiz/Andres Osorio Abello
3. Laurelwoods Jingle All the Way to Poisett
4. Taylor’s Lady Esme of Bluebloods, Russel/Julie/Savannah Swigart
Ab: 104, 230 MU: 116

6-9 mo female results
1. Touchstone Trumbull Mischief Managed, Susan Vick & Martin Vick MD
2. Lomarol Hounds One Empress, Dawn Nacey
3. RockStar’s Bella Donna, Jeanne Dietrich & Elisa Parenti
4. Bluefence Smooth Like Butter, Cindy Patrick/Sara Watson/Jan Allison

very small dog class

Brace Dogs
1. GCH Blossomhill's Topsfield Sanchu All Shook Up, Suzanne Sukey Shor
GCH Blossomhill's Topsfield Sanchu Showboat, Suzanne Sukey Shor
2. Bluefence Warden of the North, Dr. Alyssa Shelby/Marcus Shelby/Jan Allison/Sara Watson
Bluefence Army of Me, Jan Allison & Sara Watson

Stud Dog Results
1. CH Soundtrack Sorcerer's Apprentice, Miriam Tefts
2. GCH Blue Ray Simba the Beast, Eva Kotilnek & Robin O'Rourke

Veteran Dogs
1. GCH Touchstone Tell Me About the Rabbits George, Susan Vick/Martin Vick MD/Matt James Hawley
2. CH Rockstar's Born to Run, CD, BN, RAE, RM, CGC, Jeanne Dietrich & Elisa Parenti
3. GCHS Classic Barnyard Bentley By Design, Robin O'Rourke & Claudia Lane
4. CH Timing's Right A Christmas Story, Amanda Ballew

Field Trial Dogs
1. CH Bluefence Crossroads Mr. Big, Vicki & Michael LePenske/Ruth Wilcox/Karen Spillane
2. DC Houndarosa Tried and Ahroo Milo, Ben Marley & Samantha Fox
3. GCHG DC Buster "Slo Paw" Posing, CD, RA, FDC, BCAT, SCN, SIN, SBN, CGCA, TKN, V. Lorriane Martinez & Tim Martinez III
4. CH Soundtrack Superstitious Feeling, Miriam Tefts

Winner's Dog
Winner's: Night Star & Tequila, Joanthan Kim, bred by Rodolfo Farias Ruiz & Andres Osorio Abello
Reserve: Castlehill's Hotter Than a Pepper Sprout, Sharon Dok & Tami Whitney, bred by Brian Black/Linda Cain/Gail Allen/Tami Whitney

Open Dogs
1. Night Star& Tequila, Joanthan Kim
2. Happy & Country Deep Impact, Toshiko Oyagi
3. Introducing Ike Van Grunsven, Trina Gallop
4. Lomarol Hounds Lord Vader, Kevin & Valerie Dryman
* Trina is from Winnipeg CA

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1. Soundtrack When You Believe, Miriam & Michael Tefts
2. Kaizen Anywhere With You, Kathryn Vergeront
3. Bluefence Warden of the North, Dr. Alyssa Shelby/Marcus Shelby/Jan Allison/Sara Watson
4. Laurelwood Spout Off Winter Is Coming, Michael Arruda & Linda Fowler
* Fatty-Fat AKA Alvin Final decided to stack for Miriam Placed 3rd in derby @ FT

15-18 month dogs - one entry, absent

12-15 mo dogs
1. Slo-Poke’s Lloyal Wyatt Earp of Three Creek, Lisa-Danielle Ruckel-Ausman/Leisa James/Lauro Jaime
* another FT dog

9-12 puppy dog results:
1. Castlehill's Hotter Than a Pepper Sprout, Sharon Dok & Tami Whitney
2. Heart of Gold's Olde Fashion Whiskey N Rye, Annette & Jeff Mucci
3. Castlehill's Hit Me with Music, Tami Whitney/Brian Black/Thomas Whitney

6-9 puppy dog class results
1. Lomarol Hounds Seek and Destroy, Sandra Marquez & Ellen Ferguson
2. First Class Loco Boy Living Like Larry, Jacquelyn Fogel & Kellie Miller
3. Topsfield-Lebrera Allibaba of Cloverhill, Judith Tuck/Claudia Orlandi, Guillermo Gonzalez
4. First Class I Soitenly Am Curly, Jacquelyn Fogel

senior sweepstakes Fatty-Fat aka Alvin was 3rd, on end of line

First and second are in order left to right 3rd dog was 4th

Senior sweeps 15-18
Bunny #4 did not place her sister Fresca #5 placed fourth

note Bunny and Alvin are onkly Half Sister out of Ch Topsfield-Lebrera Pow-wow Bunny and Fresca's Dam was Harriet and Alvin was Hope

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Haul from national Patch, Qualified solo hunt test Alvin, joy, Baker, and Harriet pack qualifier Hunt Test. patch NBQ OAAD FT. Faith NBQ Champions FT, Alvin. 3rd Derby, Joy, 4th Derby. Alvin won Bred by, Dog class in Conformation Jr was Stuf dog winner . Hope was HIT in Agility @ first trial With a Q in open preferred Standard and Pumpkin got a Novice Preferred Jumpers/weaves leg. In 2nd Trial Pumpkin was HIT with a Standard Novice Preferred leg. in Scent work Eowyn got six legs and 3 titles in Novice elements need 2 more legs in buried for her Novice scent work title Bunny was 4th in 15-18 month puppy in sweepstakes. Alvin won 15-18 month Futurity.

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The entire Derby class placements 1-4 were composed of Ch Topsfield-Lebrera POW-WOW puppies bred to our Harriet and Hope

in Bitch class besides Fresca and Isa Scarlet is out of Our JR.

BHCA Nationals Results for the Bitch and Derby Classes, and the Absolute:
Open All Age Bitches
  • 1st Place – Soundtrack Topsfield Lebrera Talking to the Moon (Fresca) – Ben Marley, Samantha Fox, Claudia Orlandi, Guillermo González
  • 2nd Place – Topsfield Lebrera Vision Gone With The Wind (Scarlet) – Nancy Richmond, Claudia Orlandi, Guilermo Gonzalez
  • 3rd Place – Soundtrack Topsfield Lebrera Morning After (Isa) – Sue Frischmann Frischman
  • 4th Place – House of Hounds Brie O’Bristlecone (Brie) – Carol Makowski and Betty Pearce
  • NBQ – House of Hounds Wicked Bonita (Bonita) – James and Melissa Phelps
  • 1st Place – Soundtrack Topsfield Lebrera Talking to the Moon (Fresca) – Ben Marley, Samantha Fox, Claudia Orlandi, Guilermo Gonzalez
  • 2nd Place – Soundtrack Topsfield Lebrera Morning After (Isa) – Sue Frischman
  • 3rd Place – Soundtrack When You Believe (Alvin) – Miriam Tefts and Michael Tefts
  • 4th Place – Soundtrack Burning Torches of Hope (Joy) – Miriam and Michael Tefts
  • NBQ – Sanlyn’s Goddess of Death with Full Metal (Hella) – Lorrie and Tim Martinez, Mark Chryssanthis

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Open All Age Dogs
1st Place – JR Salamander – Lisa Danielle Ruckle Ausman
2nd Place – TCB Gunther – Lisa Danielle Ruckle Ausman
3rd Place – Three Creek Elvis II – Laurie Balding and Lisa Danielle Ruckle Ausman
4th Place – Topsfield Lebrera Vision Goodbye Mr. Chips – Claudia Orlandi, Guilermo Gonzalez & Nancy Richmond
NBQ – CH Soundtrack Superstitious Feeling – Miriam & Michael Tefts
Field Champions
1st Place – FC CK Oden – Cheryl Long
2nd Place – FC TCB Melba – Lisa Danielle Ruckle Ausman
3rd Place – DC Houndarosa Tried & Ahroo Milo – Ben Marley and Samantha Fox
4th Place – FC Housa of Hounds Travelin Man HH – James & Melissa Phelps
NBQ – GFC Soundtrack Gotta Have Faith – Miriam & Michael Tefts
Alvin Red and White makes the correct check (turn) first but does not claim the line Which is Done by Chips. Chips opens more consistently on the line Chips comes back for Second series but not Alvin,

and for a better field of what a field trial is like see below Gunther (mahogany) cleans Baker clock early baker get on the line first on the path but does not open. over runs the check (turn) but comes back and makes it first and into the brush but never claims the line by opening, Gunther comes back for second Series baker does not.

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solo Hunting Performance Test which is basically a pass fail test where the dogs are judge on Searching, Use of Voice Determination and Line Ability plus gun Shyness test. The person I am talking to is Stan the Field Marshall not a Judge. Patch when tracking the rabbit on the first path did exactly what the rabbit did jump back into the brush then back out again, . He opens a couple of time after the first check, Loses the line then regains it in the brush pushes the rabbit back onto a path and loses the line again where the rabbit when back into the brush. I would have wanted him to open more,. but For these Judges he Opened ennough for a minimium passing score,

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