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2015 Nationals Basset Hound Club of America Field Trials

Judges: Steve Shultz and Bob Alexander

Congratulation to Worm 3rd in OAAD and Artemis (sister is Eowyn and Hermione) 3rd in Champion Class

Open All Age Dogs:
14 Dogs
1. “Jackson” CJ’s Over Easy – Cheri Feldhausen
2. “Hawk” GCH CH Tailgate Black Hawk – Gail Allen, Gillie Tankard and Brian Black
3. “Worm” – Wellington Dominic The 3rd – Amy Poon
4. “Fenris” – Bluefence Olympic Flame – Jan Allison and Sara Watson
NBQ – “Riley” – CH Crossroads Riley Sure Shot Derringer – Vicki LePenske, Desiree Johnston, Karen Spillane

Open All Age Bitches:
13 Bitches
1. “Jade” Tam’s Good Luck Charm – Tammy Schmidt
2. “Blaise” Castlehill Bluefence Kiss to Build a Dream On – Jan Allison, Sara Watson, Sharon Dok
3. “Shadow” GCH CH Rivercity Clandestine Maneuver – Patricia and Gary Palmer
4. “Belle” – CH Crossroads Mississippi Legends Isabel – Vicki LePenske, Desiree Johnston, Karen Spillane
NBQ – “Sneakers” - Crossroads Hi Heel Sneakers, MXP2, AXP – Vicki LePenske, Desiree Johnston, Karen Spillane

12 Dogs & Bitches
1. “Grace” You Are My Grace V. Grunsven – Patricia Palmer and Rudy Smits
2. “Taz” CJ’s The Devil Made Me Do It – Cheri Feldhausen and Lisa Steele
3. “Holley” Rivercity Holley Shiftwell – Patricia and Gary Palmer
4. “Ford” Castlehill Bluefence Shotgun Boogie – Jan Allison, Sara Watson and Sharon Dok
NBQ – “Lightning” – CH Rivercity Beachside Lightning McQueen – Marianne Lovejoy, Patricia Palmer and Cathy Wheeler

Field Champions:
18 Dogs & Bitches
1. “Delta” GFC Rivercity Delta Queen – Patricia and Gary Palmer
2. “Natalie” GFC CJ’s Ain’t Misbehaving – Carolee Brown
3. “Artemis” GFC DC Soundtrack Beemac Calif Girl – Christine Machleit and Matilda Beeler
4. “Sugar” FC Bluefence No Bears Allowed – Penelope Woodwark, Mike Petereit and Sara Watson
NBQ – “Taffy” GFC DC CJ’s How Sweet It is – Lisa Steele and Cheri Fieldhouse

Champ Class Delta, Natalie, Artemis, Sugar, Taffy

OAAD Jackson, Hawk, Worm, Fenris,Riley

OAAB Jade, Blaise, Shadow,Belle, Sneakers

Derby Grace, Taz, Holly, Ford, Lightning
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