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2015 BHCA Agility Nationals results

This year was the first year that the BHCA offered 4 days of agility at their Nationals in Sacramento with 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) of supported entry at Hangtown about 30 minutes away from the hotel site, followed by 2 days of Nationals (Monday and Tuesday). Unfortunately other performance events (tracking, field trials, and the hunt test) were all scheduled on the same Saturday and Sunday so the entry was low. Hopefully in the future they will spread out their performance events throughout the week.

Supported Entry (9/26 – 9/27) at the Leone Equestrian center in Sacramento CA

9/26 - 3 hounds were entered. Karin Pearson-King and Tripp almost Q’d in Standard in spite of the 95 degree heat but Tripp missed the yellow by one rung—otherwise he was 9 seconds under time and would have taken 1st and HIT for the bassets.

9/27 supported entry- no takers as everyone else was involved in field trials.

Nationals (9/28 – 9/29)

This year’s exhibitors were:
· Amy Poon - the San Francisco area

· Vicki LePenske and Marianne Lovejoy- southern CA

· Penelope Woodwark -Canada

· Chris Wallen- Oregon

· Karin Pearson-King- WA

· Lisa Steele – home town girl- Sacramento

· Anne Testoni and Shelly Gordon all the way from the right coast.

The BHCA agility trials were held off site at a local AKC judge, Kathie Legget’s place which was about 20 minutes from the hotel. It was a great site with green grass and lots of crating space under canopies for 9 handlers and 14 hounds on Monday, and 8 handlers on Tuesday. Normal start time at Kathie’s is 9am but since hounds don’t do well in the heat, Kathie got permission from her neighbors to start at 7am which we really appreciated! We arrived in the dark but she has lights. She also provided 7 workers to course build and a ring crew to do all the work. Thus handlers who had to get back to the breed and obedience rings were able to do so. We were finished by 9:30.

9/28 Debby Wheeler from southern CA was a great judge and had very basset friendly courses. Standard, JWW, and FAST classes were offered. Lisa Steel and Taffy had beginner’s luck and won the HIT with her Q in novice standard. This was their first trial ever! Vicki LePenske and Sneakers took 1st in Master’s Preferred JWW the first class of the day. And Shelly Gordon and Diesel were rewarded for coming all the way across country by earning a 1st place in Open P FAST.

9/29 Laura Finco was our judge. Standard, JWW and T2 Beat classes were offered. The first dog off the line was Karin Pearson-King’s Tripp who got everyone off to a good start when he Q’d in master’s jumpers with 6 seconds to spare. Unfortunately, due to one thing or another, no one Q’d but everyone came close until T2 Beat when Shelly Gordon and Diesel finished off the day with a Q. Since there was no winner in Standard, Tripp won HIT.

A friend of Karin’s who is a professional trial secretary and who used to own a basset (and still has a soft spot for them) drove all the way from Seattle to offer her services for the two day trial and did a fabulous job.

Unfortunately Sara Watson was entered but was unable to compete due to conflicts. She donated generously to the trophy fund and gave some nice items to the raffle. Everyone enjoyed it—even the workers participated in it. Thank you Sara for your generosity!

Everyone had a good time and the novice dogs showed great promise! It was super to see e-mail friends in person and to make some new friends. And Chris Wallen had some nice happy retirement runs with Dia.

Bo Passer, who owns a basset and is a friend of Kathie’s, also volunteered his time and caught action shots of all the entrants both days.

And Kathie finished tearing down our course and made it in time to catch her flight to Italy to compete in the World Team. Watch for her and wish her luck!
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