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2006 BHCA Spring Nationals were this past weekend

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what a good time,about 50 Bassets were on the property for a great field trial. i had a good time.
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Were you running or judging? How's the knee?

i was handling Ike. doing some field marshal stuff,helping Dean catch his dogs and anyone else that needed help. took the kids to a baseball game in pittsburgh,what a nice view from the ballpark and the city looked real clean too. my knee is doing real well actually and i've been able to run again for short distances,if i ever do judge again it would have to be Brace Beagles, my gundog beagles and basset hounds are to fast to keep up with , but if my diet works :roll: i may get back into judging them again,i need to lose a FEW pounds,just a couple.... couple a dozen that is!!! Ike did pretty good at the trial and did well most of the spring season. hope all is well Alice and tell Mike i said hello. Billy
Billy, let's just not mention the "Diet" word, OK?

Glad that your knee is better. Mike wouldn't be able to keep up with much in the field either, diabetic foot problem, but we're leaving Monday for Otter Creek, NY with horses, friends, plus Harley and Fred.

i keep forgeting that this is a family board and i'm sorry for using a 4 letter word like that!!
It seems with all of the careful breeding to avoid genetic problems has been forgotten in the human race. But at least the dogs are healthy!

Just Kidding Around!
if i was a horse i would have been put down a long time ago!!!!!
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