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2 yr old meeting 5 yr old

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I am trying to get a 2 yr old male basset for my 5 yr old male basset to have a friend. I am clearly not breeding, just love bassets and rather my 5 yr old not having a friend.
Saturday they meet in a park for neutral terms before I take the 2 yr old home. I ensured similar toys that they both will have to make the transition easier for them both, however I would love any ideas people have to help this be as smooth as possible.
Please let me know anything you may have for these two boys to become friends šŸ˜‰
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A lot depends on the temperament of both - hopefully the younger one will respect your older one but it doesn't always work out that way much as Bassets tend not to be confrontational as long as neither pushes a situation. And be aware that even if they get along when away from your home, the situation may be quite different when bringing a new dog into an existing dog's home. Is the new dog used to living with other dogs? Try to find out as much as you can about the previous life your new hound has been living. That will help you understand why he's doing something and when.

Obviously you will have to pay the new hound a lot of attention to help him settle into his new home but don't do it to the point your original dog feels he's being pushed out.

Feed them separated and don't let them together until both have finished their food and you have picked up their bowls. Bassets tend to revolve around food more than toys, but if your original Basset is into toys, make sure the new lad doesn't try to swipe what the original dog probably sees as 'his'. Ditto for the bed/chair/sofa your original dog considers to be his place.

Try to anticipate a problem, so you don't have a full on fight going on although for sure, males tend to fight to mate whereas bitches fight to survive.
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