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In my opinion:

challenges: There is double of everything - poop, shedding, vet bills, etc.
They are kind of like siblings - what one doesn't think to get into, the other will.

pros: There is double of everything - love, cuddles, entertainment from their silliness, etc.
They do keep each other company.

Since Sadie went to the Bridge, I miss having more than one Basset. Because of Spencer's age, disposition & some health issues, I have chosen to let him live the rest of his life as an only dog. He has settled into his own routine & seems happy. However, I loved having the 2 of them together & would not hesitate in the future to have a multiple Basset household.

I think your Daisy is a good age to add another Basset. Sadie was 1 1/2 when I got Spencer. She was housebroken & through alot of the puppy stuff, so I didn't have double of that to deal with. Spencer housebroke rather easily, I think due in part to having Sadie as a model. While an adult, Sadie was still young & active enough to keep up with a puppy.
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