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I never want to go back to having just one dog. We had Moe first and a year later we added Tally to our family. Our daughter had always wanted a Dachshund - in fact we were looking for a Dachshund when I found Moe quite by accident. :) Moe was a pretty good dog all by himself (after we worked out the kinks in his behavior and got over his house-breaking issues <_< ) but having Tally I noticed that he became more active and a LOT less whiney. Before Tally he looked to me for all his entertainment. When we got Tally he had a play-buddy for when I was too busy for him. I could get more done without feeling guilty and he was a lot happier. They had each other for company when I took a part-time job. We benefited from hours of entertainment as we watched them race about the yard and woods chasing each other (Tally was much more agile and could turn on a dime, often causing Moe to crash into things :lol: ). It was a little less humorous in the house - they frequently rearranged my house as they crashed into furniture and slid on the area rugs. They are very good friends and companions.

We are considering getting another dog in the next year or two. Tally suffers from pretty severe separation anxiety but eventually she has gotten better with Moe for company. But Moe is getting older and larger dogs have shorter life-spans than little dogs. I am afraid of how Tally will react when Moe is gone someday (I'm afraid of how I will react too :( ). She was more than a little upset when he stayed overnight at the vet's after his surgery last September. We are not actively looking yet, but we're telling people to let us know if they hear of any likely dogs...

If you get another dog, initially it may be difficult as they test each other and get to know each other (it can take up to three months - our trainer told us this and it was true almost to the day). It can be trying but once they get beyond that stage things settle down and they become good friends.
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