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We had Maggie Mae (ATB) and our German Shepherd for 9 years. Then he died and she was the only one for another 5. She definitely slowed down when he died. She had no one to play with but she was almost 13 years old at that time so we didn't dare get her a playmate. But I believe he kept her young. Now with Rusty & Stickers I will never have just one. They keep each other entertained. I agree with both the pros and cons. Double vet bills, food bills, poop, shedding. But twice the amount of love, twice the laughter. They are so cute together. They take alot of pressure off of us to keep them entertained. We will be puppysitting 4 of their nieces and nephews in a couple weeks. They will are just small puppies. Now my Husband is making noises about getting another one :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: I think 2 is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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