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Hi everyone,

We currently have 1 hound, Daisy, who is a year old, and we're considering getting a second one. For those of you who have more than one....

what are your thoughts? I have heard it is easier in some ways to have 2.

What whould you say are the benefits/ challanges of owning 2 bassets Vs. 1?

Thanks a lot![/b]
My male, Booya, used to cry and whine if I'd leave him alone in a room. Now he doesn't. Presumably, he finds comfort in having Oda Mae there to keep him company.

Also, Oda Mae likes to sleep near Booya, probably to stay warm.

And they like to play with each other. Booya seems to understand that he's bigger than Oda Mae, so he'll use his weight to try to subdue Oda Mae. But Oda Mae is persistent, and despite her size deficit, she's no small task for Boo. Of course, they never hurt each other seriously, and although their playing gets spirited, it never gets ugly.

I guess the only problems I've had to contend with, having two instead of one, are due to Oda Mae's attitude when it comes to raw-hide. She's very possessive of it and will lash out at Boo if she suspects he's even interested in what she's chewing. She's also not comfortable sometimes with him having something to chew, even when she herself does too. The result has been less freedom for both dogs as far as when they can chew. Only in their crates or under supervision are they allowed to chew now.

Oh, the other thing is, in Oda's case, she reacts to every sign of affection for Boo by crow-barring herself in and sort of taking over the stage, nudging Boo out of the way, and claiming for herself the attention. So in order to give Boo proper attention I have to spend time with him either when Oda is sleeping or otherwise not present. That's kind of annoying but I think it's kind of strange behavior on Oda's part (Booya for example doesn't react that way when I per Oda Mae), so it wouldn't necessarily be your experience.

All in all, though, I'd recommend getting a second one, if not for y our own sake, then for your Basset's sake. I think he/she will be happier having a friend.
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