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I have three dogs.... two Bassets and a Spaniel.... Bassets have to be on leads as they never stop sniffing and my well behaved Spaniel walks off the lead.

I seem to have every type of lead going for all eventualities (plus harnesses used once and halties used once) and depending whether I take them on my own or with my OH at weekends and light evenings. If we are on the beach or in the countryside I use the extending leads (the web type Comfort Grip Blue Extending Dog Lead by Flexi | Pets at Home ) but I have to keep uncrossing them as they keep swapping sides!

I often let one Basset off the lead at a time (swapping after a while) as they don't like to be separated so the one walking freely doesn't go away too far from the leashed hound. If OH is with me and we're in the local park, we can let them both off for free running but I only let one off when on my own.

I also have ordinary leads and a 'twin' attachment, (this type Nylon Couple for 2 Dogs by Pets at Home&productCode=22798&catalogId=10601&langId=-1 ) that is just long enough for them to swap sides and it attaches to one lead and works fine along a road where I want to keep them together and is safer than extended leads, that I would never take near a busy road in case they clicked on accidentally and a dog got into the road.

If you have dogs that pull you along, especially if they see other dogs, short leads are much easier to control than extending ones (in my opinion) as the closer to me I can get mine to be, the harder it is for them to pull away!

If only they could be trusted like my Spaniel, life would be easier!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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