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If you're looking to adopt a basset and are near South Carolina (heck, you don't even need to be in SC...Angela gets her adopted rescues to any state by arranging transport)...

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue has picked up 2 basset hounds in the last week, one male, one female (not related or bonded). I freaking love this rescue. They are an awesome rescue who takes in hounds of all sizes. I'm in TX but I donate to them whenever I can. I have my Copper send them Amazon care packages for the dogs...from my hound to theirs. The male won't be up for adoption until Angela gets him up to date with his vet records, but I wanted to share in case anyone was looking in the near future!

Currently unnamed male: (His nails have since been fixed...this is the shelter photo before the rescue was able to pull him)

Priscilla, female
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