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12 year old Basset questions

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My dear old Chow is 12 years old. We have noticed bumps on his back. I'm assuming these are the typical basset fatty cysts? Chow also is slower these days. He has a hard time with stairs and climbing into bed. Most of his day is sun bathing and laying in his dog bed in the living room.
How will I know when it is time to let him go? What types of signs should I look for? How old is old for a basset?
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Well he's up there in years although we have had some who lived on well beyond 12. We didn't allow 'lingering' and felt we knew when the time was right to let them go. It was mainly when the down days outnumbered the up days and when they didn't really want to eat. I like to believe it was there in their eyes to be honest. How well I remember one particular beloved bitch who came back to the UK from Canada with the others (and took a UK title). On her final day, after a terrible night with her - that morning she was up on the sofa and I knelt in front of her - she licked my nose and I absolutely knew she was telling me it was ok to let her go, to give her peace. She had cancer and had had enough. And I freely admit I may have kept her going for longer than I should have.

You will, I believe, know when enough is enough (and for sure, one of those fatty cysts could be a nasty) and, with the help of a trusted vet, make the decision we so often have to make. Talk to your vet - he may have things to offer to keep your elderly boy going for that bit longer.
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