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12 year old Basset questions

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My dear old Chow is 12 years old. We have noticed bumps on his back. I'm assuming these are the typical basset fatty cysts? Chow also is slower these days. He has a hard time with stairs and climbing into bed. Most of his day is sun bathing and laying in his dog bed in the living room.
How will I know when it is time to let him go? What types of signs should I look for? How old is old for a basset?
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good to ask the vet about lumps. i've had 25-30 lumps and a lot of them needle biopsied like Mr. Mikey says. most were sebaceous cysts and benign. one was a cancer and was fortunately thoroughly removed we think. i had to get another surgeree recently for suspicious lumps, and it came back as the benign version of my cancerous lump (different location). I am a 12 year old basset. i'm still kicking and my face is all white. Worm.
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