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10 Days to Go

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... and Beldin is getting excited!

He's acting like a puppy again! (Well he IS still a puppy, barely 3 years old ... but he hasn't been himself since Mocha ... so it's good to see him playing and being silly and acting up again!)

There's boxes all ovr the place and the house is chaotic at the moment but it feels good. It was definately time for the change.
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Good luck with your move! I'm happy to hear Beldin is doing well-
I hope you have a good trip it is cold here in Ontario -4 with some snow on the ground already yuck Drive safe
Have a safe trip! I hope that Beldin is being a big help in packing! If he's like mine he's probably getting anxious about what is going on.

Lots of moving drool being sent your way.
If he's like mine he's probably getting anxious about what is going on.[/b]

He seems to be getting a bad case of seperation anxiety. The kids and I have been spending a lot of time with him but it seems now every time we leave the room if he can't follow he starts whining and carrying on til we come back.

Plus he doesn't stay outside for very long when he does go out he comes right back in like he thinks we're going to disappear if he doesn't keep his eyes on us at all times.

The vet says it's probably just the houndie equivelant of moving day jitters ... you can't really explain things to an animal like I can the kids so he feels the excitement in the air and the current "organized chaos" and has no real idea what's going on so he's acting out because he doesn't know how else to express himself.

So we just keep plugging away at the packing and sorting and we spend some extra time with him when we can and go for lots of walks in between coffee breaks ... and hope this will all settle down once we get to where we're going and unpacked in the new house.

On a side note ...

For anyone in Ontario or near Toronto ... we are trying to get a place near Markham ... once we get settled Im sure Beldin would love to meet any houndies in the area from his beloved Basset Group!
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My dog Lily had major issues when we moved. She started peeing outside my bedroom door every chance she got. I couldn't get mad at her, she just didn't know what was going on.

Good luck with your move,

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