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1/2 basset, 1/2 teradactyl..

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Bo is such a unique looking hound. He looks like a giant lizard, walks like a Komodo Dragon, has a neck like a giraffe, climbs the furniture like a mountain goat, and has a profile like a teradactyl.
But his goal in life is to please me, and he is such a happy, bouncy little hound. I just love him to bits!! :D
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He's still a handsome boy--but now I have this disturbing mental image of a basset hound with that menacing plod that Komodo dragons do...brrr.... :D LOL

I can agree with the mountain goat part, my girl is like that too, amazing how well they can climb on those short, stumpy legs.

He is different looking, but still very handsome!
I'm telling him that you are calling him names! Tee hee - I think he's handsome and debonair (and just a little bit goofy :D ).
He's gorgeous!!! A face only a momma could love... and really, WHO could not love that face?

He obviously has very deep thoughts that require intense facial expressions.

Interesting spin on your choice of comparisons.
Bo is just a handsome boy!!! :)
awww!!! Lookie that face! So smooshie smoochie !!! :) hehe
That is too funny, he is a good looking boy.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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