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  1. Hello!!!! & Morning Itchiness

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    Hi Everyone! I'm brand new to this site and recently got my very first basset puppy. I got Brutus when he was 8 weeks old, and have never loved anyone or anything more in my entire life :D <3 He's almost 4 months old now, and for the past week his back is really itchy in the morning when we...
  2. best dog product

    General Basset Hound Discussion
    If you haven't tried freshpatch for your doggo you definitley should. Game changer if you have a puppy to train or simply for convenience. It works great for puppies, people without a backyard, people in certain weather conditions or who live in a high rise building ect. It is an outdoor grass...
  3. Over tired pupoy

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    Hi all, I’m used to having dogs dogs but I haven’t had a Bassett or a puppy before(we have always rescued older dogs). When my Bassett, Bunty, gets overtired she can’t settle herself. If out of the crate she bites but when in her crate she howls incessantly. Normally she loves crate and is...
  4. Puppy activity level

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    Hi all! We just brought our newly 8 week basset puppy home yesterday and I'm wondering what is normal activity level for this age? He pretty much only sleeps, and played very briefly/walked around, when outside. I know he's a baby so that's probably normal but I've read about some puppies being...