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  1. General Basset Hound Discussion
    Hello, I have a 14 week old Bassett he weights 11kg and I am feeding him raw meat. The breeder told me to feed him 8-10% of his weight whilst he’s a puppy which would equal around 900grams a day This seems like a lot of food to me, and my friends / family with puppies feed much less albeit they...
  2. General Basset Hound Discussion
    Hi, I have recently own the Basset hound. It's a beautiful, and gentle dog breed. Unfortunately I have lost my standard Bernedoodle. But it's quality food is still left in my home. Can I feed the Bernedoodle food to basset hound. Please let know So I can perfectly use this extra stuff in my home.
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone feeds their bassets fresh meals? If so I was wondering what is a good meal for them? Currently we are feeding them purina dog food with some soft meat flavored pieces and a salmon oil additive. I just want to feed my pups the best meal for them and everywhere I...
  4. General Basset Hound Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new mom and I need some recommendations for food brands. What is your suggestion.
1-4 of 4 Results