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  1. Basset Hound Health and Genetics
    Hi all, We own two (2) almost 1 year old bassets, Phoebe and Reginald, we've had in our care since 4 weeks with one of them (Phoebe, per post title) having a occasional and when noticeable limp in her right front shoulder/leg that, given her young age and no traumatic events, we're trying to...
  2. General Basset Hound Discussion
    About 3 weeks ago, I got my now 10 week old Basset puppy, Otis. He is an absolute sweetheart and I adore him but I've noticed that when it comes to petting him and playing with him, he starts to get very snippy. At first it starts out gentle, and then he starts to get a little to excited and...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    His name is shyloh born august 28th ain’t he the cutest
  4. Introduce Yourself
1-4 of 4 Results