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All users with less than 3 posts can only post in here until they reach 3 posts. After that, they will be given FULL access to the site. This is to help minimize spam.
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General Basset Hound Discussion

Basic questions and answers about bassets, as well as sharing between basset owners. Funny and inspirational stories welcome!
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Basset Hound Performance Events

Let's hear from those brave souls seriously engaged in training their bassets in the sports of competition obedience, tracking, agility, and field trials.
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Basset Hound Conformation and Breeding

A discussion group for those interested in showing and breeding basset hounds for conformation. Brags are welcome!
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Basset Hound Health and Genetics

Many of us are interested in preserving the basset as a healthy breed. This forum is for breeders and concerned owners alike to share information with each other.
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Basset Hound Politics

A catch-all category for everything from the pros and cons of AKC to controversies within the Basset Hound Club of America to the politics of dog shows. Let's hear about the stuff that nobody ever REALLY talks about!
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Rescue and Adoption Issues

This forum is for discussions among those interested in working with a rescue organization (whether as a foster home or in some other capacity) and those who want to adopt a rescue basset hound.
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A read-only forum addressing frequently asked questions about posting photos, housetraining, etc.
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For Sale

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Vendor Deals

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  • 2.9K Announcements and Help News

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If you have a question about how to use a feature on this site, a technical related issue to the site or suggestions on how to improve the user experience, please post in here.
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