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Default Flea Meds

When my Toby was about 4-5 months old the vet suggested a Flea med called Nexgard. I bought a 3 month dose (one chewable every 30 days). The first month almost immediately I noticed bumps under his coat around his neck area. I wasn't sure what it was but right about after the 30 days they were gone. I was hesitant to give him the next dose, but I did to either rule it out or know if that was the cause. No issues with the next 2 doses. However he is now almost 9 months and I need to purchase more meds. I started reading up on it and saw that dogs supposedly died! Anyone have info to share of Flea and Tick medications?
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My dogs are on Nexguard and have been for years. My comments here are just musings from a dog owner and I have no medical background to substantiate this post.

First, as you likely know, Nexguard is sold in doses based on weight of the dog. Puppies usually donít weigh much so probably ended up with low dose. That dose will be higher as your dog gets around the 60 lb mark.

Second, I wouldnít expect a bad reaction to an oral medication to be localized to a part of the body. You indicated bumps around the neck, but an oral reaction should have affected the whole body, not just the neck. Were you also trying a flea collar around that time?

Third, my experience Ė Nexguard kicks butt. Works great. My bigger problem is they bring ticks home, and 95% of the time the tick wonít burrow (and if they do, they die quickly). The problem though is since ticks wonít burrow into the dog, they will transfer to another warm blooded body (me) if Iím not careful. I often keep a careful eye and pluck ticks off their coats and give them a metallic hug with my needle nose pliers.

My dogs run through the woods/tall grass routinely, so ticks are a normal part of my life.

These guys have never had fleas. Same with prior dogs (black lab primarily, no bad results).

They get Nexguard year around.
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Duplicate post deleted.

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We don't routinely keep our dogs on flea/tick meds. If there is a problem then I will dip/treat. Actually, we haven't had a flea problem in years, and ticks are easily removed, and as our dogs are mainly indoors, it isn't a big issue. We check ourselves and our dogs..... The vets all push for the meds, but I don't like to give my dogs anything toxic if it can be avoided. We do use heartworm meds, and even tho the vets push for year-round here, we don't do it once winter sets in. Gives their systems 5 months of chemical free. Never have had a problem.
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This year we are trying out the Seresto collars. A lot of my grooming clients use them, and I almost never see a flea or tick on them.
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We only treat if needed, for fleas and ticks. When we had a problem with fleas a year back, we used Capstar for immediate removal of the fleas (it worked) and vacuumed/laundered everything and everywhere!!! We tried the rather expensive Seresto collars but had to take it off after it started making my Basset's neck really sore (red). Previously we have tended to use Beaphar flea and tick collars.

Although we live in a sheep area now, I've not seen a tick on my two since moving here almost 10 years ago now.
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Thanks everyone! I am thinking it must have been something he ate as they didn't last long. I ended up giving him the next dose of Nexgard and no issues so I hope that works out. No fleas here but we take him camping so I would like to keep him protected year round.
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We deal with vets and dog breeders at work, Nexgard is one of the better ones out there but we have also heard good things about Advantix, which is made in Germany. There are horror stories for every brand unfortunately, one brand might work brilliantly for one dog and causes horrible reactions in another.

You just have to trial and error unfortunately
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Since this thread about flea, I might ask here. What is the best method to deal with the flea and ticks? As far as I concern, there are 3 approaches, shampoo, spray and also collar.

I read a lot of negative side about Seresto collar, I mean maybe not all kind of dog can tolerate the chemical released by the collar, but some dog is okay and besides, there is also natural collar, made by natural stuff.

Never tried the spray, unless for the cat, not for the dog, a different ingredient I guess. Anyone here ever tried the shampoo? I mean of the course the medicated shampoo to deal with the flea and ticks. I think the bath approach could be 2 in 1 method while cleaning your dog and can get rid of the flea also. As a cat owner I don't bother much about bath because in nature cat can clean itself, but for dog bathing, this is something new for me.

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