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Default Annoying Behavior

My 6 month old male has been doing something that makes my wife and I so mad. Him and his "sister" (1.5 yr Yorkie Poo) share an area of our apartment that is roughly 8'x12'. Enough space for them to have both their lounge beds and room to walk around and play and we have some pee pads in the guest bathroom they have access to just in case we leave and they need to potty. There is also a fabric tarp, that we bought to paint and he took a liking to it as a cushion when we first got him. On top of that tarp, we put both their beds. Lately he has been messing with everything. We see him on our camera go up to the Yorkie Poo and sit on her. That causes her to move and most times will go on his bed. He will proceed to grab her bed and move it ONTO the pee pads. He will then go back over to her and will back his butt up to her to move her off his bed and then he will flip his bed over and then remove a portion of the tarp to expose the floor and he will lay on the floor and sleep. meanwhile she is forced to lay on her bed by the pads. We could never seem to catch him in the act of doing it while we were at home, so we couldn't really punish him for it because he wont know why we where reprimanding him. We were able to finally catch him doing it and we just yelled "no, bad boy" while pointing at the bed and tarp. His body language told us he knew he did something bad. He knew he disappointed us. We set everything up as usual and left them in there on purpose to see if he did it again. We saw on the camera, about 15 minutes later, that he was in the process again. Goes up to her, pushes her off her bed, his bed, moved tarp and lays on the floor. This time we sprayed sour apple on the edges of everything and made him smell it and put a cotton ball with the sour apple in his mouth. He knows the smell and taste since we used it before to stop his biting of the furniture and it worked. He stopped doing it for a day but I just saw him on camera doing it again and I cant do anything about it since Im at work and so is my wife. Anybody have advise. My other only option is to either crate him for an hour or 2 after we catch him or take the beds away, which isn't fair to her. I know hes puppy and could be out of boredom since the Yorkie Poo wont play with him, but its like he does it on purpose. We dont want to removed the tarp, because we dont want the floor full of hair. We rather just wash the tarp.
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I really don't know how to help other than is there an area they can be in that doesn't need a tarp down - mine take delight in scraping up their crate bedding into a great mess every night, so every morning I have to get on my hands and knees, not getting any less difficult these days, to straighten it all up, again. Yes I could leave it but as I don't used the metal/plastic trays to cut out noise - they don't need them any longer, but I don't want them sleeping on the metal base of the crates!!

I'd suggest your lad is doing this because he's basically lonely and bored as much as anything.

If you have an area with tile or lino, much as he might still flip the beds, at least you won't need the tarp. And ditch the pads - at their ages neither should need them and if either is a mind to do this, they could chew them and choke.

For how long are you leaving them because even if he's too big now to be in a crate, you could leave your small dog in a big crate - so she at least has access to her own bed.

Please don't punish him unless you catch him in the act. All he'll hear is your anger - not why.
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It sounds like this might not be the right dog for you.
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Originally Posted by Soundtrack View Post
It sounds like this might not be the right dog for you.
Couldn't agree more & more importantly are you the right owners for him. Owning a dog is not always about us, but what as owners we can offer the dog.
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The issue is not with the Puppy. There was no problem with the puppy before introducing the yorkie-poo into the mix,. and now you have an issue with a puppy being a puppy and an adult dog without the size or the standing or the inclination to stand up to him.

You for some unkown reason are feeling bad for the yorky . You need to ask yourself why. The yorky is perfectly content with the puppies behavior. but it upsets you why? see

and a couple more things that you have completely wrong
'You know she did something she shouldn't have done and, seemingly, she does too. Since you're a human being, you see that look and ascribe a common human emotion to it: guilt.

All the logic lines up: Your dog was left alone, did something they weren't supposed to do (that they know better than to do), and when they're called on it, their face says it all. Perhaps you're already saying "No! Bad dog! Bad dog!" or some variation thereof.

The truth is, despite your logical summation, the dog isn't feeling guilt. Instead, they're expressing a much more common, less complex emotion: fear.' ...You know she did something she shouldn't have done and, seemingly, she does too. Since you're a human being, you see that look and ascribe a common human emotion to it: guilt.

The look is distinct: The dog cowers, showing the whites of its eyes while looking up at you. Maybe it pins its ears back to its head, yawns, or licks the air. These are all characteristic signs of fear in a dog — signs that us humans tend to misattribute as guilt."

And filling the dogs mouth with bitter apple dosed cotton ball is not going to do anything else but exacerbate that fear as you are clearly acting irrationally.

we used it before to stop his biting of the furniture and it worked.
umm No It just so happened to coincide the the end of his first teething stage. expect more to come in a few months.
Bittering agents have not been proven effective,
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