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Default How Old Were Your Bassets Before Being Fully Housetrained.

I have a 8 month female (spayed) and a 7 Month old male (intact).
They are most definitely not house trained, although we are making slow progress.
I leave the back door open all day so they can go out whenever they need and I also take them out regularly. Giving them praise and food treat when they perform.
For the first time ever Milo (male) went out by himself and peed. I can not tell you how excited I was. Then had to laugh at what a thing to celebrate.
I believe I am doing things right, but it is so taking a long time. Progress is happening but it is so slow.
I won't be using a crate or restricting water.
So what I am basically asking is Are my dogs NORMAL?
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Default House Training


My basset (Hudson) is 5 and half months and has been house trained for around 6 weeks now. I took him out every 2 hours without fail. Kept him in his crate if he was left alone for short periods and congratulated him lots when he got it right and ignored the wrong ones

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everyone's definition of housetrained is different. I never met a basset under 6 months of age I would consider houstrained. Keep in mind a lack of accidents is not a measure of housetraining. It is just prerequisite management require to actually housetrain. I would say 1 YEAR OF AGE IS TYPICAL.
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By refusing to use some method of confinement, you are essentially giving him opportunity to practice the wrong behavior. Supervision is crucial during the housebreaking stage, so that you can interrupt him immediately and redirect him to an appropriate place, and unless you can have eyeballs on him at all times, or have him leashed to you when you are distracted, then a crate or pen is an excellent method of preventing him from making mistakes. Every time he is allowed to be wrong, it sets back the housebreaking.
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I'd not leave the door open for them to come and go at the moment. You need to regulate their toiletting habits. I can't really remember having a problem with those puppies we bred and kept to be honest although we had newspaper down in their puppy pen for some time, until they were able to join the adults at which point they were older and able to hold, sort of. I'd say none of mine are, even now, totally reliable but being able to hold, and never leaving them shut in for much over 4 hours, accidents in the house simply don't happen.

When our current boy came to us at 4 months, I started by giving him the benefit of the doubt, TAKING him out every 2 - 3 hours and once overnight until I found out he could hold. He came from a kennel situation too.

We have NEVER looked to use a crate for housetraining, and certainly not withheld water. But again instead of letting them have free run of the house and garden, for now, YOU dictate when they go out, going with them and giving them praise etc. This should help. And confine when you can't supervise, for now.
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Winnie is now just over 7 months old and I would say is pretty well house trained. The cues to go outside were pretty subtle at first and easy to miss. Supervision is definitely the key. We would go weeks with no problem and then a moments inattention and you are starting again. Then we went through a phase of give a little squirt to show you that I want out. We are now at the stage of sitting at the door and waiting which is fabulous. Do I let her loose in the house unsupervised - heck no!

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Have confined ours in the early days but not a crate, the kitchen, taken out every couple of hours on lead, praising every time & also when they go calling 'be busy', they never got the run of the house. One room at a time, unless supervised.
Lucas amazingly came to us at 9 months, had lived alone outside, in a so called kennel, garden shed), never fouled the house (I lie he did once the first evening because stupidly brought him straight into the house, after a long car journey) & asked to go out from then on. I'd say they were 99.99% great, yes we've had accidents, but always for a reason, eaten something, unwell, or steroids have caused occasional puddles. I'd say by 6 months, if there where accidents, I've never scolded & most of the time my fault. Have always used a command, so that I could basically get them to go on command, (but very annoying for neighbours now we have a blind & stone deaf golden oldie!!) very useful when getting them into the car.
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Sunpup is 6 months, and pretty reliably house trained. We moved to a new home recently, and she's had two accidents during the first week following the move. Since then, it's been pretty smooth sailing with her. I suspect we might encounter another accident or two before we're fully outta the woods with her, but I'm confident that we'll be able to handle it when it happens.

I found that keeping a schedule of letting her out every hour, and eventually every 2 hours--and now, every 3 or 4 hours--has been really helpful. The routine is pretty straight forward, I put a leash on her, lead her outside to the designated "spot" in the yard, let her do her business--reward her LOTS (many treats, many praise), loitering out there for a few minutes longer to make sure she got it "all out" before bringing her back in.

There were a few times when she was a bit younger when I extended the time between outings, and she peed before I got her outside again. At which point, I just went back to the doing the more frequent outings for a few more days before trying again to extend the amount of time between outings.

In the meantime, making sure to really clean the messes she made indoors (I used natures miracle), so that there was no trace of it left for her to smell later, really helped reinforce the fact that the house was a "no fly" zone for potty breaks. As well, limiting her access to one room of the house and gradually expanding her territory within the house as she became more and more trustworthy about not messing in her indoor areas was another thing that helped me maintain my own sanity and worked to make the expectations and boundaries more easily understood by her.

And--to begin with, I did crate her if I had to leave the house and couldn't take her with me (for errands, etc). But as she grew to become more reliable, I tried keeping her out while I left for short intervals. Eventually, I was able to leave her in a room for several hours at a time while I was out doing what needed to be done. Now, she has run of the house while I'm out, and there hasn't been a problem.

I find that taking it small steps at a time, and gradually increasing their domain and wait times between outings will help make the concept a lot easier for them to grasp. If you move too fast, they'll let you know by peeing in the house... at which point, just go back to the previous arrangement for a few more days before trying to move forward to the next level again. They might be a bit slow on the pick-up--but with consistency and praise when they do well, they'll get it eventually! It's kinda like levels in a video game. First level has to be as simple and easy as possible--and the learning curve throughout the consequent levels cannot be too steep, or the game will be too difficult to beat!
By the sound of everything, your pups are behaving exactly as normal pups do..! And now it's just about finding the right tools/process that'll help them learn what it is you want from them.

Good luck!!
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Dudley was 6 to 7 months old before he was fully house trained. Or I should say, he had me fully trained to understand what I needed to do to keep in from going to the bathroom in the house!
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Originally Posted by DudleyMom View Post
Dudley was 6 to 7 months old before he was fully house trained. Or I should say, he had me fully trained to understand what I needed to do to keep in from going to the bathroom in the house!
This hits the nail on the head re 'housetraining' and (most) Bassets!!
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