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Exclamation Basset Hound Help!

Hello all,

I am a first time Basset owner to our handsome man Harvey the Hunk, but we are having a hell of a time with potty training. He knows lots of tricks because he is food driven which is fantastic. He is now almost a year and a half and we are still having issues. I hired a professional dog trainer and they haven't really been much help. I'm wondering if it's because the trainer (me) and partly learning the breed, also maybe the dog trainer I hired isn't familiar with the Basset breed.

Temporarily we are living at my Dads house while our home is under massive renos and Harvey has gotten way worse. He was decent at our home, he would wake me up in the night if he had to go and wouldn't sneak off to make mess. He did have the odd accident but it was manageable. Now that we are at my Dads he sneaks off an makes mess all over the house. We have used baby gates to keep him off carpeted areas. We keep him in the bedroom with us at night time and he even sleeps on our bed, but now he jumps off and makes mess while we are sleeping and no longer wakes me up to go out to relieve himself. My husband and I work all day but my Dad is home and lets him out several times during the day. Harvey is crate trained and doesn't make mess in his crate (any more) so I'm wondering if that's the only solution which I hope it's not but to put him in the crate.

We can't take Harvey to anyone's house for a visit either because he sneaks off and makes mess when he knows we aren't looking. Part of his issue is that he doesn't pee in one spot either he walks while doing it making graffiti all over the floor.

Looking for any help or open discussion. We love Harvey to pieces but can't have this keep happening especially in my Dads house it's starting to smell like a barn.
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Unfortunately Bassets are reknowned for their slowness to housebreak. Every potty accident is a setback, so you must take every step to avoid them.

Make a big deal when he goes potty outside, jump up and down, give him a treat, everything. If he likes play time give him some of that too AFTER POTTY. For now, he should be crated or in your sight 24/7. I also had great luck with potty bells, as most dogs quickly learn to use them to be let outside. I know it sounds like square one, but he didn't pick something up properly the first time around so it's your best option. Dogs also don't generalize well, so he can be perfectly OK in your house but not pottytrained in your Dad's house.

Also make sure you are using a good quality enzyme cleaner everywhere he goes in the house. Dogs will use the scent from their last accident as a marker to go there again, and you don't want that.

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He sneaks off. He can't be allowed to do that. He MUST be supervised at all times, leashed to you if necessary, or crated when he can't be watched. Don't give him a chance to practice wrong behavior.

TAKE him outside, reward and praise whenever he pees or poops in the correct place. Don't just let him out on his own, that doesn't teach him what he's there for. He may at first be reluctant to pee in front of you if he's been punished for doing that in the house, which is why he sneaks off.
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couple other things to keep in mind. even when potty trained in your house does not mean the dog wil be potty trained in other. dogs are not good generalizers it take multiple train under different circumstances and situations for a behavior to generalize.

for an interesting look at the see ClickerSolutions Training Articles -- The Sit Test

the problem is you have not developed a substrate preference for going outdoors. so know you at a two pronged problem you must untrain the currant substrate preference and second teach a new one. apart one is about not allowing accident by supervision and the second is reward appropriate behavior out side,

my favorite article on housetraining ClickerSolutions Training Articles -- Housetraining Your Puppy
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First of all, have you been able to rule out any of this being a medical problem? Is it 'both' or just urinating or the other? It might be a good idea to do that because there's no point trying to sort all this out, if he can't help what he's doing. UTIs are not rare in dogs - and if his diet isn't suiting him, he will be producing more stool of the 'wrong sort', than if it was. Avoid cereal-based food - bulk in, bulk out.

So that being confirmed or not (so treated), you just have to go back to puppy one which means TAKING him out (so you see exactly what he does each time) and giving him tons of praise if he empties, either. If he doesn't then bring him back indoors after say 5 mins. and stay with him in the room by the door (crate if necessary). The moment he goes to squat say No (firmly but not shouting, you don't want him to take off) and get back outside. Correct ONLY in the act, so he knows what you are upset about, and clean up mistakes without comment - he will be looking and noting your body language.

When you can't supervise him, confine - but for no longer than 4 hours crated, if that!! The more accidents he has, the longer all this will take to sort out. No dog should be expected to hold much longer than 4 hours, bearing in mind the male never completely empties all the urine, leaving some to mark with ...... during the daytime. He should be able to hold all night now, but again, for now, get up and take him out once during the night. Again the aim is to have NO accidents. Prevention!! And instead of having him on your bed and free to roam when you are sleeping, crate him.

I don't accept that Bassets especially are hard to housetrain. None of our hounds has been. BUT that's not to say if left too long (much over 4 hours in the daytime), they'd not 'go' indoors. But they do need a routine. Do NOT resort to putting anything down indoors to encourage him to empty anywhere other than outside. Hiding to nothing.

Re stool output - they should be emptying as many times as the number of meals they have - maybe plus one more. With a regular stool - tummy upsets are another matter!! Digestion in the dog takes roughly 4 hours so what you see immediately after a feed, isn't that meal.

Good luck - he will get the message if you stick at it. By the way, we called our first hound Harvey!!

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