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Default Potty Training issue.

My 13 week old puppy is getting me a little frustrated with potty time. He is getting there. He will not poop anywhere near his area unless he absolutely has to. He will either hold it in until we get home and go outside, or only in an emergency will go on a Grass Pad we leave him inside our apartment with. We try to go home for lunch to get him a quick 10 minute walk and have him go potty, but sometimes we just cant make it. SO we leave that fake Grass potty Pad. If we are home he will still pee on the pad, but will whine and cry if he wants to go poop. But anyways, the problem we are having is that, since he's only 13 weeks, he stands still while peeing, but as soon as he is done he will walk into the puddle. That's not a huge deal when we keep him outside for a bit, but the times we take him out during the night, we pick him up with pee pee paws. We have to carry him back in inside because we don't trust him walking on the carpets yet, especially now since our Christmas tree is right by the patio door we open to let him out. We feel our shirt get a little wet with pee when we bring him back in. Anyone else have this problem? is it just a puppy thing since they don't know what's going on and they just go about their way when they are done?
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Try to train him to use a potty patch and go outside is going to confuse him. If you want him to use the potty patch them that is what he should use at all times. Once he is old enough to hold it consistently then you can retrain going outside. as for puddles on the feet it is even a bigger problem for the girls. If the puddle is big enough there is virtual nothing that can be done to avoid it.

see ClickerSolutions Training Articles -- Housetraining Your Puppy
[quote] A 12 wk puppy who is busy playing may need to urinate every 15-20 minutes, whereas a resting puppy might go for an hour, and a sleeping puppy can go 8 hours at night. Activity makes urine! Activity makes urine! Repeat this 10 times, slowly. This is a very important lesson for new puppy owners.

Go to the place where you want him to eliminate, and be as boring as possible. Stay in one place. This is not a walk for sniffing and exploring.

Use commands for elimination. I use a different word for each function, "Quickly" for urinate, and "Hurry up!" for defecate. You can choose your own words, just be sure they are not words used in everyday conversation, or at least have a unique way of saying it. One friend of mine uses "Zoom" for urinate. Each function uses different muscle groups so they are different behaviors. Say "Quickly!" repeatedly until the pup urinates. It becomes a habit for both of you, and soon you will only need to say it once and he will go immediately. This is the ONLY TIME I recommend saying a command repeatedly in training.

If you are clicker training, click and treat (c/t) as the urine stream ends. The click ends the behavior. OVER-REACT with joy when the pup goes. WOW!! Good Boy! Aren't you wonderful!! in a high pitched very happy voice. Be a clown for your puppy! Make him believe you think he is incredible for eliminating outside. Give him a treat and toss a ball or play chase or let him walk around and explore. You want him to learn that first he urinates, then the fun begins.

Since this is such an important part of training your pet, we use triple rewards, Praise, Treat and Play. Eventually he will go before you say the command. This is great!

The behavior behind this training: Dogs develop substrate preferences for eliminating. By substrate, I mean what they feel under their feet. In their first few weeks of life they need their mother to lick them to stimulate elimination. Around 4 weeks of age they begin to control this themselves. It is a self-rewarding behavior because it feels good. They associate this good feeling with the environment they are in at the time. This is about the same time they are walking well enough to go outside. If they are taken outside enough, several times a day, during this period of development (4 through 8 weeks) they will associate the good feeling of relieving themselves with the grass under their feet, the sky above, and all the smells and sounds of the outdoors. The tactile experience, the texture under the feet, becomes the cue.

If your puppy does not already have this outdoor experience, then you can provide it for him now, to retrain the "substrate preference" he has already learned. Take the pup out about once per hour. This is after play, eating, sleeping, etc. If the puppy can't hold his urine from the crate to the back door while walking, carry him for the first week or so. After a busy play session, take the puppy out, even if it's only been 15 minutes since he last went out. Physical activity produces urine. Inactivity slows the production of urine. This is why a puppy can sleep all night without wetting in the crate, but will urinate on the floor as soon as you let him out of the crate.[quote]
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1. He's still very young to be anything other than 'getting there'. If you were having problems by 4 months, then you have problems!
2. Puppies and apartments rarely go together unless you have a private outside area for them to use until they've had all their shots and can go outside anywhere.
3. If you use ANY pads indoors, you will have a confused puppy. He must be emptying outside, or given the opportunity to, from day one.
4. If you are leaving him alone at home during the working week then not only is housetraining going to take twice as long as otherwise, but he will start to be noisy left alone in there (and disturb any closeby neighbours) and destructive.
5. Puppies need to be taken out to empty roughly every hour during the waking day, and once overnight. That means after each nap, immediately, each feed and after short periods of playing. The period between outings will be able to be increased as he gets older and more able to physically hold. If you can't provide this for him, you have a problem!!

As for the feet and puddles - par for the course I'm afraid and you may need to use a towel on his feet before you pick him up/he comes back indoors. It may be quite some time before he 'lifts his leg'.
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I understand the whole pad issue, but we don't rally have a choice right now. We do have a routine though.
At 11pm well take him out to the patio to pee then put him in his crate with his bed to sleep. Me or my wife will wake up at 2:30 am, carry him from the crate (he wont get up from bed) take him to the patio to pee. Back in the crate and we go back to bed. We wake up at 5:30 am then Ill go grab him from the crate again. Again carry him (lazy dog) to patio to pee. Then I leave him out there while I make breakfast. Ill pour his food and put him is his area with his food toys and pee pads. His area is pretty big for a dog his size. twice as big as one of these play pens. I will walk wife to her car, take the dog with me, then once she pulls off, I do a 10 minute walk with him, then back inside for a good 20-30 minutes of playtime inside his area. I will put him on the patio while I get ready for work, then I will put him back in when I leave. Don't trust him roaming the apartment not being fully potty trained. Like I said, it seems he's getting the concept of the pads, but sometimes he'll either put his front paws on the pad and go and miss it completely, or he'll walk on the pad, but step off and only go pee on the edge of the pad. SO CLOSE. We have to put a couple of pads down just in case. We have a camera with motion detection set up to see what he does all day and he mostly sleeps. Hell wake up and do a little whining because he's alone, but then hell play with his toys a bit and sleep some more. First week he cried more because of a new environment and being alone. Sometimes we will hear him really whine, but we found out its because he needs to poop and doesn't want to go on the pad inside, but having no choice, he goes on the pad. Fun cleanup for dad when I get home. I try to go home on my lunch hour so he's not alone ALL say and take him on a quick walk and play time, but sometimes I cant make it home. We learned quickly, we needed to adjust our schedules around him. We are more tired that with him since we have to have broken sleep to take him out at night. I just hope it all pays off in the end.
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