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Default Anxious basset - any advice appreciated!

I wonder whether anyone could offer any advice as we're a bit worried about our basset hound (and apologies in advance for the long description)...

So about a week ago our 4 year old basset started crying in the night. This has happened a few times before (usually if she's had an especially quiet day). She sleeps in a crate in the sitting room and usually you can just go and sit in there for half an hour with her in the crate and she'll fall asleep. But this time she wouldn't stop crying, it progressed to drooling and then panting - we couldn't leave her locked up in that state so I let her sleep on the sofa with me.

This proceeded to happen four nights in a row with her getting very agitated when locked in the crate and always resulting in us eventually letting her out (at which point she would cuddle up with one of us and be asleep within minutes).

Up to this point there were no other apparent symptoms - she was eating fine, her usual jolly playful self during the day, but a complete transformation into an anxious wreck at night.

Then on Saturday we were cuddling her and when my partner touched her back leg she yelped out - just once. We've felt her all over and nothing seems to cause her any pain and she hasn't yelped out again since. I have noticed that she's a tiny bit wobbly on her back legs though (honestly hardly at all though - if I wasn't paying particular attention to her legs I wouldn't have noticed). She also seems to be laying down more than usual and perhaps a little bit reluctant to go up steps. As before though, I could be reading more into this behaviour than I should - she's a basset after all and lays down a lot, and she's also had quite a few tiring nights so she might be tired. We've put a ramp up the steps to our garden just in case she's hurt herself.

To try and break the anxious cycle we took her away in our campervan on Saturday and Sunday night - just keeping her very quiet and we had no problems during the night.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any advice anyone has would be so appreciated.

Our thoughts are:

1) Something spooked her in the night (we did hear something scrabbling in the wall near her crate about a week ago - so perhaps she heard that in the night) which is why she's fine as soon as we're around

2) The sleeplessness is related to the leg issue and is causing her pain at night, although I can't understand how it's instantly cured when we're in the room

Apart from that she's fine - loving her food, keen to go on walks (although we're limiting it to short walks at the moment), and excited when visitors come round.

I will definitely take her to the vets if this continues. I'm a bit reluctant to go yet because she gets so frightened at the vets I feel like it could make the anxiousness worse.
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Well obviously if you have identified she does have some pain going on, coupled with being bit wobbly behind just now, the best person to examine, diagnose (probably with x-ray) and treat, is your vet. However, I'm wondering whether when she's crated, she's more confined than when sleeping out of the crate. Meaning she has to physically lie in a position that makes any problem she has, uncomfortable.

Could well be hips, or stifle - my lad has sub-luxation of the hips, along with other spinal problems, now arthritic and it's clear that although I have to have him crated at night, he doesn't lie in there in quite the same position as he does, when sleeping out of the crate.

Good for you re the ramp - we have one over the few steps outside the kitchen - to the garden out back. Keep up with the restricted exercise - and when you do see the vet, he might be able to examine her outside in the car, at least at first.

I hope she'll be ok.
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"I have noticed that she's a tiny bit wobbly on her back legs though (honestly hardly at all though - if I wasn't paying particular attention to her legs I wouldn't have noticed)."

clear indication of a back issue. She should be on crate rest/confinement for 8 weeks with potty breaks only and probably a sling to help support the rear when she move. it would not be unheard of that the pain and other issues associate with the back are more noticeable to her at night. That said is it highly likely you have two separate issues a back problem and an anxiety issue
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Index to "All Things IVDD"

Home - K9-Back Pack

Treatment options

"Disc damage is repaired only by time and limited movement to allow scar tissue to form. 100% STRICT rest 24/7 for 8 weeks during conservative treatment."

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I would second the vet visit AND crate rest. The wobbliness in the rear could be an indication of a more serious problem waiting to happen. Whether a disc injury or a soft tissue or joint injury, the sooner you start the healing process the better the prognosis. Movement exacerbates the injury and interferes with healing.

I would talk to the vet about whether anti-inflammatories are appropriate in conjunction with the crate rest. The only problem is that if the anxiety is not due to pain it may make the crate rest difficult. I would try moving the crate next to your bed to see if that helps. You might also try a crate where the top can be open, or a short expen, so that she can be kept quiet while still feeling like you are with her and you can reach in and pet her easily.
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