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My 2.5 year old and my 5 year old Bassetts both currently have ear infections! It is so sad. The vet recommended different treatment for each. I treated my 2.5 year old with the Zymox. His ear infection is almost gone. I cleaned his ears with the KET at night and then 12 hours later I squirted in the Zymox. My 5 year old still has the yeast problems.n I am going to the vet tomorrow to get some Zymox for him.

I also switched to homemade dog food because one of my other bassets who is 11 years old was just diagnosed with lymphoma. I am switching all of them slowly onto the homemade food. On top of the grain free recipe I use, I add one tablespoon of either yogurt or cottage cheese. This helps prevent yeast infections. It seems to work really well for humans! I hope this helps. The recipe I have recently tried is very simple although I am still experimenting.

4 lbs of ground meat (beef, chicken, veal, turkey, pork)
1 lb. of sweet potatoes shredded
3 c. mixed shredded vegetables

I put a layer of the meat at the bottom of a crock pot, add the shredded sweet potatoes, add the second layer of meat, and then finally the layer of the mixed vegetables. I let this simmer on low for 8-10 hours. My older dog is having a tough time swallowing, so I then put it into a food processor. I don't need to do that with the other ones. It is important to slowly wean the dog onto the homemade food just as though you were switching to a different kibble. You should do so one tablespoon at a time over a two week period to avoid stomach irritation.

I mix the pureed homemade dog food with his kibble, along with a tablespoon of pureed broccoli, a tablespoon of cottage cheese or yogurt, and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of an herbal multivitamin and a tablespoon of a calcium supplement. My cancer patient went from not eating for three days to cleaning his bowl! My two picky eaters went from eating a little of their kibble filled meal to cleaning their bowls too.
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We always use monistat for our bassets when they have yeast in their ears!!! Cheap and works like a charm!!!
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You can try a limited ingredient diet, that should eliminate any allergy issues without having to make the food yourself. This is what we feed, haven't had any ear infections since switching: The Blue Buffalo Company - BLUE Basics, a limited ingredient diet.
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Default I rescue Bassets.

I've run the gamut from the abused to highly aggressive, total body yeast infections, urinary infections, and physically abused to the point of neurological disorders.
My highly abused gal, had such a bad yeast infection, she was hairless from her flanks down, raw and inflamed. I could also get about a tsp of crap from her ears daily.
I stumbled upon this incredible ear solution. it worked so well, I decided to wipe her itchy belly with it before applying Gold Bond Athletes Foot powder.
Took a while but she regained a full beautiful coat.
I also cook for my dogs. 2 Great Dane X's and 8 Bassets who have lived from 14 to 16 yrs with the exception of my sweet challenged gal who lasted until she was 12.

Hope this helps:

Cocker Spaniel Ear Cleaner Recipe - Ear Infections
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I would be very reluctant to recommend any form of treatment without knowing exactly what is going on in your dogs' ears - bacteria, yeast mites or whatever. An ear swab is needed. Considering how long or deep BHs' ear canals are is the medication getting down far enough? Are you massaging the ear as you put in the ointment or ear flush? If you suspect allergies, I'd get help from your vet or veterinary dermatologist considering this seems to be a long standing stubborn problem. We've had 4 basset hounds and all needed regular weekly ear care. I used Mometamax and a vet approved ear flush on 3 of them. One BH was tested for allergies and had numerous allergies. The shots didn't work. The next BH was tested for food allergies (put on a potato and rabbit diet for 2-3 months by vet. dermatologist with no change). I decided against the skin testing for allergies because our previous dog didn't respond and it's very invasive and painful. The symptoms were controlled with twice weekly medicated baths, topical anti-pruritics, and Benedryl. Also when she was very itchy she wore a shirt and booties.
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Equal parts water and white vinegar is what my bet recommended for yeasty ears- I just make a solution, squirt it on a cotton ball, clean her ears a couple times a week. I would always double check with your vet first to make sure it's not another issue
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Originally Posted by Mikey T View Post
there is one very basic question that need to be answered and that is is the ear drum intacted. the reason that it is important is man of the alternitives are otictoxic which may tesult in temproary or permenante deafness and balance issue. If the ear durm is intact it brevets the clearner solution from reaching the middle and inner ear and doing damage.

before recommending so alternative treatment it is impreative to know if the eardrum is intacted. In cronic cases it is often likely niot to be and given than many conventional and alternative treatments are otic toxic this can lead to tempory or permenent deafness if thes chemical are used and otic toxic chemical can effect blanace. as well/
Me going to vets tomorrow too cuz i been scratchin' at my R ear now for almost a week now

but Mikey we do has a ?? about this. actually cuz i wuz afraid of teeter noise and recently on a lot of antibiotics, one of my agility instructors asked if i wuz on anything that could affect my hearing. we asked our vet Dr. D and she said no, none of my oral antibiotics. however, ear infection meds could do it-- do you know which ones? and are there any effective ones that don't affect hearing?

do you know if Ketoconazole can???

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[url=http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/bilat/ototoxic_drops.htm]OTOTOXICITY FROM EAR DROPS[/quote]
Several topical antifungal preparations --Ciclopirox, clotrimazole, miconazole, and tolnaftate, are safe in animals

Keep in mind for a solution to create a problem the ear drum must be perferated is it is safe to assume if the ear durm isperferated then ther is some hearing loss simply from the infection.

But in all cases we are talking hearing loss so if anything this should improve things for a noise sensitive dog not make them worse.
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I just had to say the Turtle just got off of ketoconazole. I was wondering if any one else had use it.

I had never heard of it before. When I googled it I was not to happy as it said it could cause liver damage. I decided to give it a go any way and do as my vet suggested, not always my best quality.

Well I am still working on the ears but her belly that was very pink in the arm pits and all over really. Well it is white. I am going to get a picture of it while it is still white in case it gets pink again.

I just wish I had a picture of it before I gave the drugs to her you wouldn't believe it. Sorry to hi jack i just had to report it.

Turtle doesn't hear all that well any way, ha ha, but I didn't notice any difference when she took the keto.
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My friend has tried this for his dog and if you like then you may also check this:-
1.)First of all be ensure yourself about the yeast in the ear of dog.
2.)Then clean the inside with the soft cloth.
3.)After that take 1/16 cup of warm water and add it with 1/16 cup of white vinegar. With this solution, wipe the inside of the ear allowing the soluion to drip down into the ear canal. Then massage outside the ear. Do this two or three times a day for a week or until your dog get relax.
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