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Default New to the breed, have a few questions

My husband and I unexpectedly adopted another dog.

We had 6 dogs already all are rescues and I promised my husband I would NOT bring home another.


We moved to Tennessee from California about two months ago. Being that I was born and raised on the coast line where people pamper their pooches, I was thoroughly shocked on how people see dogs here. Dogs are just hunting partners and breeding machines. Moving to the country, I figured I wouldn't see alot of dog abuse/neglect. Well, our neighbor (10 miles away) breeds Basset Hounds. Or did. He started to give away his "stock". Never got to see the condition of the all his dogs but they lived outside, no shelter, algae infested water, fecal matter everywhere..... So, my neighbors knocks on my door Friday and I was greeted by an old man saying he noticed I had dogs and that he is retired from breeding hounds and got rid of all but one dog and if I wanted "Lady", I could have her. I arranged to see her the next day. Being there, I see a really old Basset Hound with nails curling over back into her paws, nipples swollen and bleeding sagging in her feces, fur covered in dirt, and in heat.... with no food or water in a little make shift pen made from chicken wire.

Long story short, I took her making the man promise to not start breeding again. I called the Humane Society with no luck... didn't seem to interested.

Her name was Lady, about 7-8 years old. Used for breeding but I was told the last three years she started neglected the puppies to which she was shoved outside and retired from his breeding stock. Infested with ticks and fleas, I gave her three bathes the first night and spend and hour plucking ticks off her. Her ears are oozing with black goo and after the bath, I noticed still a horrid smell still coming off her. Figured it was her ears...I looked in her mouth... every single tooth is rotting away with her gums super inflamed.

Despite all this, she was wagging her tail and just wanted to sit in my lap. I started crying.
Even now, I just can't get over how sweet she is. Despite leaving little blood trails all over my wood, She acts like a puppy and can eat like one too. She wants to live. I have an appointment for her Wednesday. I am praying to god that their is something we can do for her and to let her live the rest of her days indoors.. on a dog bed, spoiled, and loved.

I attached a photo of her nipples, its a poor quality photo. She follows me like my shadow so it was hard to keep her still. My husband named her Flash.. after a TV show he's obsessed with. I didn't want to name her till we knew she could be saved... but we already love her so much so, my husband even said he's willing to dip in our savings if we have too.

What could be wrong with her nipple? One is really swollen. I was told she's not pregnant.. but who knows. It's not leaking milk or anything else other than they seem so be itchy.
I've never owned a hound dog or a dog that wasn't fixed. This is all new.
Her vagina (not sure the proper term for a dog?) is very swollen. Started bleeding pretty bad today. Is their anything I'm supposed to do while she's in heat? How long does it last?

I have four Pitbulls, a Chihuahua, and one puppy Great Pyrenees Foxhound mix. All fixed. And they don't seem to bother her other than being scared when she bays.

I'm sure she's never had her teeth cleaned before and I'm not sure what my vet is going to say what my options are for her. Is it ethical to keep a dog alive if they had to have all teeth pulled? How would to feed a toothless dog? I can't even describe the smell of her mouth, but it's absolutely horrible. She's been sleeping on my side of the bed and I need to keep the window open and freeze... just to keep the room ventilated due to the stench of her poor mouth.

She's been so happy the past few days with me... touching grass for the first time, playing with other dogs, and her taking 30 minutes to figure out what to do with a dog bed, and realizing she gets to come inside when she pleases.

I'm praying her mouth can be fixed, her swollen nipples are fixable, and her ears just need a good cleaning.

I attached a photo of her and another photo of some of my other spoiled dogs. Thanks for reading those that do. I'm a little at loss with how to make her comfortable till her appointment.
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I can't be of much help, except to say I know dogs without teeth who are just fine. My heart goes out to her, and to you. Let us know what happens at the vet. You may not get a lot of replies in the next week, because many people are away at the Basset Nationals.
Thank you for taking care of her. Bassets are the sweetest creatures.
Sharon Hall

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Default I'm crying LOL. You are soo sweet to take her in, not many would.

As for living with no teeth, my parents have a JRT who only has 4 teeth left in her mouth after the others were yanked due to rotting. I remember that smell very well, not pleasant to say the least. Anyways, Zoey, the JRT, had to have her food softened for a while until her mouth healed but now she eats just fine. I still soften her food and give her a fair amount of canned food as well, but she gets along just fine.

I bet Flash's ears will need alot of attention but can be fixed

I don't know much about a dog in heat though, sorry.

Welcome to the forum and keep the pictures coming!
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Wow you are a very wonderful person to take on a sick basset but i promise she will give you all the love back and so much more that you give her.
I would recommend contacting one of the basset rescue organisations for advice that is near you. They deal with such issues on a regular basis and may be able to give you some valuable advice. One such is i believe bellyrubs [] they should be able to put you on the right track.
If the bleeding is an issue while she is in season you can pop to petsmart and pick up some dog diapers or a coverup which is like a cloth pair of panties. Both look ridiculous but they may save your floors! I am sure that the vets wil do their best for her but whatever happens she already knows what its like to be happy after just a few days with you and that is more than she has probably known in years.
Good luck, keep us informed and our thoughts are with you and her
Victoria and Henry
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Welcome! and u have such a nice Ma. It seems like ur Ma is doing all the right things already. I like what Henry's Mum said about Basset Rescue places being helpful. You seem sooo sweet, following ur Ma around everywhere. yes, please keep us posted on what happens.
see what the Worm is up to:
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Welcome to the world of Bassets. I can't help much except to agree with everyone about the teeth. It's great she was able to join such a great family and hopefully the vet will be able to fix her up good as new. As for the breeder I wouldn't call him a breeder but there are several other names I would call him. But since this is a nice Basset family site we'll just leave it at that and everyone can think of their own names that they would use. Maggie Mae and Daisy says hi and want more pictures.
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What a lucky dog... they're smart & they know all that you've done for them. Fingers crossed for the vet visit. Please keep us posted. PS: I will NEVER understand how people can DO that to furry faces like that.
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Her appointment is tomorrow morning at 8am. We bought disposable diapers. Pink and Purple ones of course. And her nipples are not as red since being with us. Maybe they were irritated from urine burn in her old kennel? Still VERY swollen though.. it's just one nipple thats three times the size as her others. I put a shirt on her and tied it up to get her little nips from not dragging because I'm sure that's not comfortable. She eats faster than some of my younger Pitties! She's very spunky. I might as well fire my natural shadow and hire her. She follows me just as good. :]

I heard her "bay" for the first time yesterday evening. Our fence is over 12 feet high and wood so the dogs never can see who's on the other side and all my other dogs started barking and running towards the fence and here comes Flash as fast as she could (a very slow waddle) tail wagging, ears flapping, and has a little hoarse bay..... she was so happy and trying so hard to keep up with the others. But I loved seeing her happy. It's always fun to watch a newly rescued dog bark and wag the tail for the first time. I've got to do this seven times. Can't rescue them all, but I've done my darn best.

I have an American Pitbull Terrier thats around her age and they are nap buddies. While the younger ones play, they both snooze inside with me :] My 10 year old Chihuahua is deathly scared of her. Not sure if it's the smell of her mouth or just a new dog.

The closest breed I've had was a Beagle back when I was a child. He never drooled nor had an issue of dipping his ears into the water and food bowl. She gets so messy so fast! She drools everywhere which, my husband finds to be adorable. I really don't mind since I mop daily. (Gotta with 7 dogs) But those ears! I can't keep up cleaning them!

I learned quite fast to lock all trash cans... including bathroom trashcans. She may be old, doesn't mean she's not hungry for everything.

Along with my puppies, she still gets up a few times a night to go potty... which I'm shocked she even whines since she's been living outside the past few years and just went potty wherever. Nope, she lets me know she WANTS to go outside like the others.

And Last Question, (Sorry for all the random remarks) Because Flash is so low to the ground with such tiny short legs, I watched her itch her head a few times and she got her nail stuck in the D ring of her collar. So I've taken her collar off but I like to keep collars on my dogs at all times, with an I.D., and license. Her nails are quite long but I seriously cut about an inch already. Her quicks are long right now, so I cut them as short as i could. Does anyone have a suggestion on a collar?

I'll keep the news posted on what happens tomorrow. I've been praying that she can be fixed up and pain free. Here's some photos of the newest addition.
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Does anyone have a suggestion on a collar?
personnally I thing collars in the house are more risk than they are helpful especially if the dog is microchiped

You nay find a harness a better the ring are on the chest and the middle of the back and it sits lower.

as for keeping the ears dry and clean consider swithcing to "spanial Bowl" with a tappered top looking somewhat like a volcano it general does a good job of keeping ears out of the bowl
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Originally Posted by PrettyPittyNBassetMom View Post
We moved to Tennessee from California about two months ago. Being that I was born and raised on the coast line where people pamper their pooches, I was thoroughly shocked on how people see dogs here.
Welcome to the old south. This is why I get so frustrated when people up north or west coast try to argue against rescue efforts (spay/neuter, etc). It's not the same. The situation is much different here.

Just today I was talking to co-worker about the no-kill we're trying to get started here and his response was, "But if we save all the dogs we can, we're kind of screwing ourselves..." (that is a direct quote) and just could not fathom the idea of NOT killing dogs. I still don't quite understand his point of view.

She sounds a lot like Anabelle when they found her. Thanks for saving her. I think you will find it just as if not more rewarding than your experience with your previous dogs.
Mom to rescued lady Anabelle and Harley, beagle mix mutt
"Saving just one dog won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog." - Richard C. Call
Lila Over the Bridge. RIP.
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